Image by Oleksandr Stepura from Pixabay 

I watch each day frills torn away,
Skirts rising higher and higher,
Exposing naked and bruised legs,
Arms without sleeves wiry and frail,
Trees standing desolate everywhere
Once in green frocks now ragged.
I watch the mountains denuded,
Deforestation for pecuniary gains,
Where one stood coniferous forests,
Sliding down tears of brown rivulets,
No more schools of fish play games.
I watch bumper to roads traffic,
Exhaust pipes coughing gases toxic,
Pollution crossing permissible limits,
In all small, medium, and big cities,
The incidence of asthma & bronchitis rising.
I watch garbage dumps overflowing,
Plastic bags thrown indiscriminately,
Animals feeding on left over choking,
Certainly dying of plastic poisoning,
Some countries have not banned plastics.
I watch signs of global warming,
With fear in my beating heart,
What we will be leaving behind,
Survivors walking with masks on their faces,
Oxygen tanks strapped on their backs.
Gastric tube winding through nostrils,
Yet espouse protecting environment,
Earth left with people appearing and
wandering as a masked aliens,
Is this price we are paying for modernity

.    .    .