A soldier is a soldier always whether on duty or off duty. This theory is proved right by a revered soldier of the Indian National Army.

His name is Harbhajan Singh. There is a shrine in his honor built by the army and he is believed to grant the wishes of those who worship him. He is still protecting our country even after his death.

Baba Harbhajan Singh was born in 1946 on 30 August in Sadrana village now in Pakistan, in a Sikh family in Punjab. He passed matriculation from DAV high school at Patti (Punjab) & then joined the age of 23, Punjab regiment on 9th Feb in 1966. He died near Nathula in 1968 while on a patrol near the China border. He helped himself in the search to locate his body by coming into the dream of a fellow Indian soldier and telling him what happened to him and where his body lay. He is said to inform the Indian soldiers at least three days in advance whenever there is a war between India and China on the border. If a soldier falls asleep during duty then he is said to wake him up. He is revered by not only the Indians but also by the Chinese army guarding the Indo-Chinese border between Sikkim and Tibet.

During flag meetings at Nathula, the Chinese army keep a separate chair for him. As per belief any army man who wears an unclean uniform is punished by baba himself, with a slap baba's uniform which hangs on the display is cleaned by none other than baba himself. Every year on 11 September a berth was booked for him and three soldiers would go with baba's photo to his home and would bring him back after his leave gets over. He was given salary and promotion till his retirement a few years ago. However, his soul has been guarding the Indian border for more than 50 years now even after death. He was promoted to the rank of captain from sepoy.

Today, even though he has been granted retirement, he is still believed to be manning the treacherous region of Nathula. It is a common belief that water kept at the Baba Harbhajan shrine becomes capable of curing sick persons. Devotees, therefore buy a water bottle for an ailing person in their house, then write the name of that person over the bottle with the help of markers kept in the temple and then leave the bottle in the temple.

After that, they take this bottle of water which has baba's blessings, and give it to the sick to drink. This water should be consumed within 21 days and during this period no family members of the ailing person should consume wine and non-vegetarian food. It is also believed that the slippers that are kept in the temple help cure gout and other foot problems.

Soldiers of the Indian Army who are posted in the region pay a visit to his shrine and entire units seek his blessings with various plates dedicated to him lining the walls of the shrine. Baba's shrine has three rooms i.e baba's office, store room, and living room. In the living room, every item of his need is kept neatly. His bed, shoes, slippers, water bottle, ironed uniform, and an umbrella. People and soldiers passing through make it a point to visit the temple and seek his blessings.

The temple is surrounded by snow in the winter season. Baba Harbhajan Singh is known as "THE HERO OF NATHULA BORDER".

He is an inspiration for fellow soldiers who guard our borders embracing extreme conditions just because we would be safe. Baba Harbhajan Singh is still doing his duty and giving timely warning and advice in dreams to fellow soldiers whenever there is any danger. Even the Chinese are in awe of him. Salute to a brave warrior like him! He is our Indian hero and also the hero of Nathula border who is still giving his duty till after his death. He was such a great patriot of India. 

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