Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also known as 'Shivaji Raje'. He conquered the whole of India at his time (1600- 1700 BC). He was born on 19th February 1630 at Shivneri. His mother Jijamata also known as Jijau was his inspiration. She gave her guidance to him at every moment even before he was born. When Jijamata was pregnant with Raje Shivaji she always read the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagvat Gita, and everything which will give him good teachings and gave him an example of which moves he should use at each moment.

This shows how he was trained perfectly to become a king. Jijamata was playing an important role in his life. He is famous for his tricks which caused the opponent's ruler or party to lose. As we know how his mother (Jijamata) has trained him in every way. He was brave, smart, intelligent, a quick learner, kindhearted, religious, and many more inner qualities.

Not only his mother helped him, but his father Sahaji also made him a good person and gave him all his qualities like bravery & patriotism. He started learning swords, archery, and various war weapons only at the age of 13 years only. His dreams were big & he wanted to establish Swaraj (Swa means self and Raj means to rule in Marathi it means a self-ruled area). Where everyone will live in peace, and follow our traditions, a place without war, everyone will get the right to do everything, and equality, and a place where everyone is united no matter how different they are in caste, creed, and religion.

Every moment made him realize who he is and what were his duties toward the nation. They encouraged him to do his best. With everyone's support, he started to plan his targets and how to win them. He even started his administration. As he was a religious person, he preferred following Hindu tradition, Marathi, Hindi & Sanskrit was the main or even official language. As time goes on, he won every battle and captured numerous forts.

He was also a good trainer and motivator as his father. Every Mawla (Marathi army) members were very brave & were ready to do anything for Raje. Shivaji Maharaj's main opponents were the Mughals. They intruded into India to rule over India for gold & treasure for which India was known as the 'Golden Bird'. They were obviously greedy but also cruel. When they captured any territory they brutally killed people, looted them, raped girls and women, destroyed temples, and forced Hindus to change their religion not even small children were spared.

In keeping this in mind, he started to attack them. Because of his intelligence & bravery, he was able to win every battle against them. Many battles happened between them called the 'Maratha War Of Independence. Mughals had every piece of equipment but then also they were defeated. They didn't even win a single battle against the Marathas.

To increase power and wealth Shivaji Raje married to nine wives so that their father's power will be in his hands. His first wife was Saibai Nimbalkar and their son were Sambhaji Maharaj. Now that he has power and many forts in his hands, many Mughals were jealous and tried to attack him. There are many of them such as Shahistekhan, Afzal khan, Aurangzeb, and many more of them.

Everyone is an example set by Shivaji Raje that if anyone dared to intrude in our area and rule over us they will have a bad end. This victory was only possible because of the bravery shown by the Mawlas and the Military heads ( Such as Shinde, Halkar, Gaikwad, Bhosala, Tanaji, Patwardhan, and many more ). Their sacrifices made Swaraj a dream come to reality. There are various stories where he used tact and smartness rather than using manpower. To prevent the Mughals from following him and his army, he layed pig's dead bodies so that they will not follow them.

He spread lies in the Mughal's territory that he was a magician and can cast spells after that no one was willing to mess with him. The Guerilla technique was created by him. This shows how capable a leader he was having leadership qualities. But even after defeating the Mughals, he didn't destroy any mosque nor allowed Mawlas to rape any women and spare every single child not like how the Mughals did to them. He didn't even ask them to change their religion from Muslim to Hindu. He respected their wants.

Not only do Indians know how great he was developed countries have his stories in their history books. Everyone is learning from his life and he is respected by everyone. By reading his biography many small countries have won battles. Vietnam won the battle against America by reading Shivaji Maharaj's Book. He is also the person who has the highest number of statues in the world which is very honorable for us. Who thought that a small child journey from just a privileged family was crowned in 1674 would become known to the whole world as a legendary warrior of the Maratha dynasty and kingdom?

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