sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes


we are all invisible to eyes some goodness any person doing some good works reach goals in society. We all-seeing old-age blind helpless people living lonely in the world they were struggling themselves so much each and every day pray to god...Oh! God why am living in this world am an alone bird I don't have children. Every day needs anyone’s support to reach my home and doing my works. I had so many body pains but don't talk with me any person heartily I talk to only with you lord "please take my death in your hands. This type of old-age people can't say anything with any person they are struggling only lonely in the heart. I will say to everyone old-age people struggles we can't see anything. We watching only

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye...


I saw one old-age Orphan blind woman who struggle so much herself but she suddenly died one day. I am remembering her life story in this article. I watched her life story in my colony. I did help some financially and her washing cloths serving food. I've cared for her health. This article is not an article this is a real-life old age blind woman


This kind of so many old-age people are in this world please do help what your strength does help heartily. Not being part of a supporting role be shameful like an animal in this world.I saw recently one of the old people he couldn't walk he sitting on the road couldn't move one person try to left and cross the road with his beautiful unseen heart

He asked someone to help him to give some help we will both will help him try to get across th road the person said your heart is kind but my heart is not like that. And today is my birthday and I wear a new dress. I don't help. 

If you're you can do help. 

We don't like your bull shit works.

This not a person shame like a world be like this

Be one part of life does help and be happy

If you do this small work and your the one reason happy about old-age people in life and your heart would be happy more than doing that good work

And everyone knows about your loving UNSEEN HEART

.    .    .