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Beliefs in astrology from ancient past till today have laid strong faith in the minds of the Indian people that planetary movements and alignments have a firm relation to all of our thoughts and actions. This is true to a great extent right from our birth until death. Fear of evil deeds and faith in a religion and god have shown our ancestors the path towards goodness and happiness.

Thoughts become actions:

It is a mindset laid strongly from everyone’s childhood days by our parents and grandparents to always do good and avoid evilness. As you sow, so you reap. Hence if we think rightly and do good activities, it will enable us to purify our thoughts and remain calm, healthy, happy and also live in harmony with others. 

The Hindu religion’s traditions:

Our ancestors hail from the old Hindu religion which is very famous for its traditions, beliefs in stars, festivals and their importance, faiths in gods and goddesses, harmonious living, happy and peaceful co-existence. Help others and hurt not, give and take respect to and from elders and fellow human beings, cooperation, mutual understanding and doing one’s duties with dedication go a long way for peaceful life in family and society. These qualities are the results of one’s habits practiced and cultivated from childhood itself as what you follow at the age of five will lead you the way to goodness till the age of fifty. 

Reality tells the truth:

India has been popular for its richness, fertile soil, natural abundance, culture, harmonious living and caring for and sharing with fellow human beings. This reality has its deep roots to the ancient traditions and beliefs, faith and support in our hindu religion and gods, rituals and actions. 

Sons of the soil:

Eminent saints like athri, bruhu, utsava, shishta, gautama, kashyapa, angrasa, kapila, etc. scholars like Tiruvalluvar, Aryabhatta, the great mathematician Ramanujam, Sir C. V. Raman, etc., popular poets / singers like Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Bharathidasan, Sarojini naidu, etc., film actors like Sivaji ganesan, M. G. Ramachandran, Kamalahasan, Rajnikanth, Sivakumar, etc., are all born and brought up in this great nation of historical importance, heritage and relevance - India. These are live examples of prodigies grown up with traditional astrological beliefs and faith by their proud parents mostly from the Hindu religious and spiritual origin/ faith.

Seeing is believing:

We as human beings believe things only when it is visualized or seen in reality. Time is a wonderful healing device for all our worries and needs. Time and tide wait for no man. Hence make hay while the sun shines and youngsters must grow with confidence, enthusiasm, courage and belief that entire future is in their hands. 


Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached. Activity done with enthusiasm and dedication can have boundless victory in the long run. So, let us believe in ourselves and become as superior achievers with the support from our nation’s rich heritage and fertility. Remember the saying, “Hold fast, my soul ! All is good.” Hence, let us do our duty with involvement and let goodness and kindness prevail over evilness and hatred, for ever.

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