Image by Abir Roy from Pixabay 

A country's economy must be balanced to be a developed nation. The national economy is made up of progress and development of the states economy indices.  Unemployment and poverty must be fully eradicated to improve the economy index. The economy vehicle has the front rich sector wheels and the back poor sector wheels. The rich and the middle income groups of people have lots of deposits in banks. As much as 70% of these deposits remain unused even after the death of the investors. So to make effective use of these funds, the Government and the banks can jointly enforce new rules such as for every deposit upto Rs.5 lakhs, 10% must be automatically deducted and credited into the accounts of the poor people. The deductible amount for deposits exceeding Rs. 5 lakhs, can range between 20% to 50% based on the deposit range. Lots of poor people will get uplifted and poverty will be nullified quickly. Hence we can easily achieve a perfect balance between the rich and the poor sectors of the society. The country will also become a fully developed nation in less than one year.

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