Our country's growth demands urgent measures to curb population explosion. We must be aware that our country is the second-most populous nation in the world. It may also be noted that India is more likely to become the most populous nation by leading China if we do not follow birth control measures.              

Birth control measures must be strictly followed by all the citizens for the betterment of the society at large. The Government can also encourage families to have only one child by providing facilities and prizes for those families with only one child. 

Late marriages are the other aspects apart from being UNMARRIED among the present generation people that naturally help to curb population overgrowth, to a greater extent. Women opt to work in companies and offices and express their wish to get married only in their late thirties.

It is aptly told by elders of the previous generation we can fall in the feet of those who are unmarried or those without children as it all ends with a single reply, "NO" for them. It is helpful to put a check on population overgrowth in many ways like reducing overcrowding in buses and public places, easy employment opportunities, etc.

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