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Feel blessed, for this birth!
As human beings, are superior creations!
Thank god, for this eternal gift,
As our body, is wonderful!
See the good,
Listen to the good &
Speak the truth!
Our eyes help us, to see!
Our ears aid us, to listen!
Our mouth helps us, to speak!
Our nose helps us, to breath!
Our legs help us, to walk!
Our hands help us, to write, 
to eat,
to drink,
to hold,
to lift,
to push & pull,
to give &
to help!
Our brain helps us, to think,
to remember,
to recall,
to memorize &
to visualise &
to realise!
Our stomach helps us, to contain & 
to digest food!
Our kidney helps us, to filter waste!
Our lungs help us, to filter dust!
Our heart helps us, to supply blood!
Our backbone helps us, to stand tall & erect!
Our skin helps us, to keep warm &
to protect the internal organs!
Our bones, nerves, muscles & tissues help us, to keep our body fit!
Let us, utilise this birth, 
to be peaceful,
to be united,
to be harmonious &
to be helpful!
Let us keep our body & soul clean,
By following good habits &
By being active or busy always!

 .    .    .