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Growing can be a fun and give you happiness but definitely, old age cannot be so. The reasons are more than one. Old age has its own issues like falling sick often, less immunity, half-blindness, feeble body and mind, etc. Hence, it is aptly told living beyond 65 years of age will cause loss of peace not only to the individual but also to all his or her relatives or care-takers.

Factors which influence health:

Cleanliness of the body and the mind, good and clean habits, a balanced diet, little exercise like walking or jogging, skipping and meditation or yoga can make one keep fit at any age. As aptly told by the famous scientist and inventor of the electric bulb, Benjamin Franklin. early bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Issues which deteriorate health:

Evil habits like smoking. Drinking alcoholic content and chewing tobacco not only ruin one’s health but reduce the life-span drastically by causing various diseases including cancer. It is always better to come back one step atleast towards goodness even if however long one has gone towards the path of evilness.

Guidelines for improving longevity:

As you sow, so you reap. Hence we must sow the seeds of good habits right from young age and it will surely provide the advantages of health, happiness, well-being and a long life. Habits die hard. So what you follow at the age of five will help you until the age of fifty. Books and friends must be few and good. It is advisable to avoid bad company as if you tread in the correct path, it will lead you to the destination. But if you go off the main track, you may have pitfalls, thorns, bushes and the associated pains.


Wisdom comes either naturally by birth, through intrigueness or through advice from elders or well-wishers. It is upto the individuals to adopt goodness and drop evilness and live a peaceful, happy and long life. Good crops like pulses and cereals nurture and facilitate growth of people whereas bad crops like tobacco ruin one’s health and cause even death at an early age. Old age has its own pains and miseries but every person must live a decent and meaningful life on this earth upto the expected lifespan of 60 to 65 years by maintaining good health and supporting his family. Of course, medicines and modern inventions improve one’s health and hence lifespan to a great extent, thanks to the great and untiring efforts of scientists, engineers and doctors around the world. Let us all be good, follow good habits, support each other with a peace of mind for a better home for the individual and in turn, a better nation for the society at large. Peace and prosperity depend much on the individuals’ well-being. Say NO to smoking, drugs and alcohol, chewing tobacco or any other evil habits as all of these habits lead you quickly to the graveyard. Live and let others live healthily and peacefully.

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