My family is a conglomeration of varying characters - bright/ dull, old/ young, serious/ jovial, magnanimous/ selfish, etc. My parents and my father-in-law are no more. My parents were of serious nature and they rarely showed signs of comedy in their talks while my in-laws are all of the jovial nature and are always quick-witted. My father-in-law will ask "what, slate or chalk-piece?", whenever a child is born in neighborhood or our own family. We enjoy every moment in the presence of my in-laws family. My wife used to say laughfully to my son, "sweet son, we need not buy crackers for diwali, just make your father stand outside!", as I crack farts more daily. Myself and my two elder sisters study well but my younger brother is less studious. My son is also naturally brighter in studies. My mother is magnanimous but my father and brother of the selfish type. 

Really we have fun all the times in our family irrespective of how situations turn out every day. Life is a music, listen to it and life is joyous, share it with others. May the Almighty pour similar fun and merry in all the families around the world.

.   .   .