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Get what you want by practice;
Use technology to leverage efforts!
Use technology to save money;
Use technology to save time!
Give respect;
Have patience & perseverance!
Have a great career;
Forget about having a career!
Get feedback;
Accept limitations!
Make laws in your favor;
Change laws in your favor!
Get government subsidy;
Invest money!
Avoid taxes;
Spend the money of others!
Spend the taxpayers' money;
Leverage the money of others!
Control things;
Control the financial system!
Control people;
Control nations!
Control laws of nature (good luck!);
Sell your control over something!
Develop self-discipline;
Feign weakness!
Feign strength;
Create businesses!
Develop monopolies;
Franchise businesses!
Auction off businesses;
Help others;
Help others create businesses!
Become famous;
Find data!
Sell data;
Make information out of data!
Sell information;
Use information!
Leverage information;
Leverage money!
Influence people;
Be transparent!
Nullify FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt);
Recognise FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)!
Explore the depth of human perseverance;
Find the comfort zone of people!
Find the fears of people;
Solve problems!
Create solutions for others;
Sell solutions you already have!
Trust yourself;
Sow efforts!
Sacrifice laziness;
Fulfill needs!
Fulfill desires;
Fulfill wants!
Create needs;
Create desires!
Create wants;
Buy low!
Sell high;
Fix prices!
Trade on the stock market;
Invest on the stock market!
Make the world a better place;
Use the ideas of others!
Use the time of others;
Use the skill of others!
Become a specialist;
Become a generalist!
Invite people;
Make an organised effort!
Develop enthusiasm;
Lead, by following!
Be honest;
Be incorruptible!
Be fearless;
Trade money for control!
Trade control for money;
Give money!
Take money;
Trust people!
Distrust people;
Set your goals;
Make decisions!
Take calculated risks;
Recognise bets with positive expected value!
Bet on stuff with positive expected value;
Do things better than others!
Be the best at something;
Recognise when others are best at something!
Better your attitude;
Develop a holistic approach!
Love what you do;
Do the unexpected!
Think outside the box;
Cultivate good habits!

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