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Perfection is what all of us want. It’s partly the difference between achieving something great or leaving something unfinished. Every successful relationship involves two individuals who are perfect for each other, and perfect at loving each other. But, does that mean they’re perfect as per the definition? Many of us want to know how to be perfect but don’t really understand what perfection actually is.

What does it mean to be perfect?

If you want to learn how to be perfect, you first need to know what perfect actually is. Perfect is roughly defined as being as good as it’s possible to get. If you’re perfect, you can’t become any better, you’ve reached the pinnacle.

So, when you read that definition, does perfect really exist? I mean, surely everyone’s idea of perfect is different.

For example, if you’re looking for the perfect partner, what you consider to be perfect might be completely different to what your friend considers to be perfect.

There isn’t a hard and fast definition of what perfect is and what it looks like. It’s different for everyone and it changes over time. Your preferences might change and your view of the world too.

With that, your idea of perfection changes. So, can you see how learning how to be perfect is probably going to be a life-long deal? 

How to be perfect in everything you do?

Being perfect is a trait that we’re not born with. You could argue that nobody is ever really perfect completely, because as we’ve already explored, the idea of perfection changes. Yet, the road to perfection is something that we learn and understand along this journey of life.

We want perfection in everything around us, yet most of us ignore it in our own lives.

Do you want to know how to be perfect? Do you want to know how you can achieve your goals and lead a better life? My advice? Stop trying to reach a so-called perfect standard and instead, just aim to be the best you can be for yourself. [Read: How to be truly happy in life – The happiness hacks to master]

Read these steps and use them in your daily life. You’ll see the magical effects of your idea of perfection in no time.

1. Don’t be distracted

This is one of the biggest hurdles when a person tries to be perfect, be in their work lives, their relationships or in their ambitions.

There’s a little law about distraction too, the closer you are to finishing something, the more the chances of getting distracted.

The closer you are to your goal, the more you tend to take things easy, because you’re almost there already. But it’s these little distractions that can delay your rewards all the time. When you’re focused on something, don’t be distracted. You’ll save several hours every day just by using this one tip!

2. Stay motivated

Every journey starts with a single step. You may not notice the signs or see the end result initially, but you have to learn to trudge on and motivate yourself along the way.

Always have a sound plan at the beginning and stick with it throughout. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your fancy dreams won’t be achieved in one day either. 

3. Don’t give up halfway through

Are you certain you’re doing something the wrong way? Try another route, but if you think you’re doing something right, don’t waste your efforts by leaving it halfway through. When you’re on the verge of giving up, there’s a good chance that success may be just around the corner.

If you can’t finish something, it isn’t worth starting. Remember, plan your goals right and stick with them until the end.

4. Determination and perseverance

The will to carry on is a burden that can play tricks on your mind. At times, you may feel like your dreams are a lost cause.

And at other times, you may feel like you’re so far away from where you want to be. As difficult as your path may be, always be willing to persevere and stay determined throughout. 

5. The will to overcome hurdles

The journey will not be easy, but the result will definitely be worth the effort. The bigger your goals, the harder it is to achieve them. Then again, the sweeter the victory will be. Expect hurdles along the way, but have the will and the dedication to overcome them at every turn.

6. Learn from your mistakes

When we achieve something, it’s called success. When you fail at something, we call it an experience. An experience isn’t a bad thing. After all, it teaches you about life and trains your mind to look for bigger dangers.

Value your experiences and remember them. Learn from your mistakes and use those lessons to see better results the next time around. 

7. Learn from the mistakes of others 

While mistakes and experiences can be a blessing in disguise, it’s not a pleasant feeling to fall into the pits along every step of the way, just to notch up a few more experiences.

If you want to learn how to be perfect, you have to watch others and learn from their mistakes too. Read autobiographies of your role models, watch your enemies and friends, and learn from their hurdles and mistakes. 

8. Talk to yourself 

Mad men and geniuses talk to themselves. Talk to yourself and question yourself. Ask for options and give yourself suggestions. No one’s a better judge of your own abilities and dreams than you. Question yourself along every step of the way and take the next step only when you’re sure about what you want.

9. Don’t try to prove anything to the world 

Humans are born with an ego and the pleasure-seeking activity of showing off to everyone around them. Displaying your perfection may not be such a bad idea, but if you really do want to achieve perfection, learn to compete with yourself and stop worrying about gaining the approval of people around you.

You’re the best judge of your own skills. Don’t let ignorant minds convince you of perfection. Convince yourself.

10. Be noble in your efforts 

There is no easy way to success. Well, unless you’re lucky. If you’re not dating luck itself, learn to persevere.

Most importantly, be genuine in your efforts, be it to please a partner or earn more money. Most people spend all their lives looking for the easy way out, and they fail miserably. If you truly want to earn respect and achieve perfection and greatness, learn to be noble and genuine in your pursuits.

11. Be efficient 

Being efficient is about doing the right thing at the right time. It’s not about being lucky, it’s about careful planning. You can work hard all your life, but unless you’re efficient, you’ll achieve very little success.

12. It’s alright to fail

This is your most important lesson when it comes to understanding how to be perfect in everything you do. Life is not measured by how often you fail. It’s measured by how often you stand up after failing.

Remember that your failures are experiences. Dust yourself off and prepare yourself for another journey without falling for the same failures again. Failure only means you were a few steps closer to perfection than you were earlier. Isn’t it better than not trying at all? 

13. Learn to manage your time 

Time management might seem like a boring subject but it’s the one thing which will lead you towards where you need to be. If you want to learn how to be perfect, you need to avoid procrastination, break your time up into chunks, and dedicate each one to something worthwhile. Time wasting will get you nowhere in life.

14. Never stamp on others to get what you want 

If you truly want to be perfect, you need to help others along the way, not stamp on them to get where you want to be. The old saying of “you never know who you’ll meet on the way down” is true. On the way up the ladder, be kind and empathetic to other people. You never know when you might need their help in the future.

15. How to be perfect? Prioritize self-care 

This one might sound odd, but if you don’t look after yourself and make sure that you’re eating correctly, getting enough sleep, and exercising, you’re not going to reach your goals.

Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s necessary for a strong, healthy, and happy life. Of course, it’s also necessary for a successful one too.

16. Learn how to say “no”

This is a contentious one. Sometimes we say “yes” to everything that is asked of us because we’re scared of looking like we can’t handle it or of upsetting someone.

However, if you say “yes” to everything, you’re not managing your time correctly. If you don’t want to do something *genuinely* or you can’t do something, don’t be afraid to say “no” in a polite way.

17. Know what perfection is to you 

Finally, if you want to learn how to be perfect, you need to know what perfection is in your eyes. Remember, perfection is different to everyone and you can’t please the entire world. You can only please yourself. Reach for your own goals and your own definition and be happy with that.


These steps on how to be perfect are all you need to achieve perfection, greatness and well, of course, wealth. Remember these steps and your dream of perfection will materialize sooner than you think.

A child learns to walk by falling down several times. In the same way, do not be ashamed of failures. Failure is the stepping stone to success. Learning from failures along with continuous efforts will help you succeed and excel. 

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