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Writing is an art and it’s not possible for everyone to express everything and making others understand clearly what they mean. It will be possible only for a few people to confess as it is that’s in their hearts. The beauty of writing is we can express anything and we can connect to other person feelings and thoughts. We can let others know that they are not alone just with the words of ours. It impacts a lot in an individual in making realize about some things through writing. It gives inspiration and belief, support, hope, love. It also brings out a change in an individual such as his change of thoughts and makes him differ opinions which the person had once. Writing includes so much thinking and effort to captivate the readers. 

I can say that I am always in the world of writing and letting out thoughts on a piece of paper is the moment that I cherish the most. It gives me immense satisfaction as I have done something and pleasure that I’m trying to connect with other people. I really cannot imagine the world without this art. The sole purpose of this is to express what is there in your heart and mind. One more incredible thing which this art has is you can ease out your pain as well. When you once express the things that bother you, it would be just like letting out your feelings go into the air. 

The one who can’t express with his voice can express his feelings through this art. Writing is a weapon to me as I love to express my feelings a lot and I always try to connect with the feelings of others through this. This has been my passion since my childhood. The main essence of writing is the words we use. Each word conveys a meaning, without words we cannot imagine the rest. The essence of words is the letters. We all might have heard this statement ‘everyone is unique in the world and no one is the same.


I  believe as everyone is unique, one’s thoughts are not the same as well. If the thoughts are put down, it differs from one to one. Basing on this, I just want to say the writing of a person is also unique from one another just like we are. Writing includes different forms and styles which also include unique ways of expressing in words. This study of writing is called literature as we all know. It’s a great study that mainly deals with the essence of it. As I have described this writing. I wanted to exhibit a few writings of mine on different topics which I hope you all like.

  • To Mama and Papa - I promise that I will take good care of you both and will always make sure that you both are happy. To all efforts that you did in making me who I’m today. This is just like a reciprocation of love towards you which you don’t ask for or wish for. This is my everlasting promise which I would never fail.

  • Childhood - Another World - At that age, we do not know about the fakeness of the people. We do not know how feelings would impact our lives. We would be just like free souls worrying about nothing and just finding happiness in smaller things, creating our own world, being as we like, imagining things, having fun. Don’t you think it is different??

  • Goodbye makes us say ‘hi’ - Some goodbyes lead us to make a new start in our lives. It brings out a change within ourselves after a great realization of being with a person with whom we were not supposed to be. Saying goodbye is not so easy as it causes pain deep inside our hearts but that pain helps to choose the right decisions to be within the future.

  • Inner Voice - I have a friend who I only know. It sometimes guides me on the right path and sometimes creates things to mess up. It always hides and It doesn't show up. I could only listen to it and no one else can. It's quite active at night times which doesn't let me sleep in peace. Do u want to know who my friend is?? It's my inner voice.

These are my few writings which I have written and if you want to get to know about my other writings, you can visit my page on Instagram which is my_page_my_posts. I love to express all things as I feel each and everything in a different way. As it’s very hard in making others understand about I feel, I use this incredible art.

Conclusion: This is my opinion on this topic and this is what I wanted to convey about what writing means to me.

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