Source: Pixabay

Corpses adorn the trodden path,
Lullabies take the form of outcries,
Children switch from teddies to rifles,
Rotten lay the carcasses of humanity,
Blood of empathy sucked by demons.
Conscience biased, humans
Survival becomes a question of domination.
Religion no more the foundation of
But the core of war and massacre.
Choices cease to remain choices,
Food, religion, nativity politicised,
Technology commences its
“dehumanisation operation”,
Fingers dethrone tongues and
Smileys replace smiles,
“Down-to-earth robots” suffuse the streets,
Green is merely another colour.
Diverse species evolve from humans;
Christian, Hindu, Muslim — to name a few,
Fight-to-exist becomes their motto.
Evolution's at the cost of comity,
Love's replaced by lust and war,
Life and death cease to sound antonymous. 
“Wake up, fellows! Stop groping in the dark.
Let us all unite to soothe our mother.”

.   .   .