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Human-being animals are created by god. Animals have equal rights to live in earth like humans. Animals are loved by everyone in the world. Every world protect animals in various ways. Animals are kept by people in houses as pets. Animals are divided into three categories such as 

  1. Herbivorous : Animals who eats plant. 
  2. Carnivorous : Animals who eats flesh of other animals . 
  3.  Animals who eats both plants and other animals flesh. 

 And there are some type of animals which stays on water are termed as an aquatic animals. The aquatic animals are born in water and are freed in water. Animals are naturally born in densely populated area . It is said that some animals lovers who once saw animals were killed by people for poacher for and for other purposes. Social Analytics felt bad you by viewing the torches towards animal without reason. Neurologists along with Zoologists decided to protect animals from slaughter by human-beings, so they built national park in various of world and in India in various parts of the states national park were built animal by neurologists and zoologists to protect animal habitat and their population. Zoologists introduced many rights for animal safety and also to stop cruelty and criticizing the animals unnecessarily . So Zoologists decide to made many acts and principles with some safety measures to protect animal habitat .

Rights of animals :-

  • Prohibits injury to any wild animals and wild trees under section 39. 
  • The prevention of cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. 
  • Cruelty against the person’s own pet
  • Inhuman living conditions (even for animals destined for slaughter)
  • Any illegal killing or cruelty towards an animal should be Jeoparised by law

If the killing or cruelty is in enacted upon an animal offender say that to ‘ The prevention of Cruelty to animals act (1960)’ .

Animals has some functions recognized under board :-

  • Recognition of animal welfare organization
  • Financial Assistance
  • Animal welfare laws and rules
  • Raising Awareness

Some of animal act are listed for animal ‘s safety :-

  • Wildlife Protection Act 1974
  • Pet Animals Act 1951

Animals are tortured by human beings for various illegal purposes and various unethical function .

Sometimes animals are killed for unethical purpose for religious belief.

Animal welfare committee is build on three concepts:-

  • To see the animals normal functioning ( which confirms that the animal is healthy and also see that the animal is also well – nourished ).
  • Animal ‘s emotional and mental state( feeling and absence of negative emotions which express the pain and chronic fear by human beings.
  • Animals should have ability to express certain ability and limitations.

Animals in India are not developed properly and always remain scared by human tortured and slaughter . Animal welfare committee build in India to provide assistance with care.

  • Live in a Suitable environment with care.
  • Eat a Suitable diet with loving
  • Exhibit normal behavioral pattern without hurting other
  • Be in housed with or apart from other animals.
  • Should be protected from pain, Suffering , injury and disease.

Few animals rights speaks that :

  • Animals should not be used for food purposes.
  • Animals should not be hunted
  • The habitat of animal should be protected to allow them to live according to their choosing , freely , comfortably and safely.
  • Animal should not be bred.

Animals living in India such as animals who live in street should be taken care . These animals are deprived from sources . In various season they are deprived from shelter . Every Surroundings neighbor beats them . They did not get proper food and shelter to live.

The wild life (Protection ) Act in 1972 is an act of parliament of India was introduced in India for the protection of plants and animal species.

Various National park is built In India and in its different states. Many organization had taken initiative and care for the protection of animal.

PETA is a largest organization with 3 million supporters. The full form of PETA is ( People for Ethical Treatment for Animals.

In abroad animals are taken care. For animals various acts are introduced. Animals rights in abroad are very strict.

Various rights are implemented for the protection of animals. In abroad no street animal are found.

Animal rights :

  • Avoid experiments on animals
  • Avoid breeding and killing animals for food or clothes or medicine
  • Avoid use of animals for hard labor
  • Avoid selective breeding for any reason other than the benefit of animals.
  • Avoid hunting of animals for pleasure
  • Avoid use of zoos or use of animals in pleasure.

In abroad are well protect and well care with various measures . Many countries have introduced many laws for animal safety.

The act came into view in 2019 for animal safety- The PACT( the preventing of animal cruelty and tortured ) Act.

Abroad animal rights:

  • World laws on battery cages
  • World laws on beak trimming
  • World laws on chick culling
  • World laws on fole gras production
  • World laws on stunning animals during ritual slaughter
  • Legal status of whaling
  • World laws on cosmetic animal testing
  • World laws on bull fighting
  • World laws on cockfighting
  • World laws on dog fighting
  • World laws on dolphinariums/ marine mammal capitivity
  • Laws in banning the use of animals in circuses
  • World laws on goose pulling.

European animals animal rights mentions:

European convention for the protection of animals during international transportation. (1968---2003)

European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes. ( 1976) convention for the

European protection of animals for Slaughter (1979)

Berne Convention on the conservation of European wildlife and Natural Habitat (1979).

European convention for the protection of vertebrate Animals used for Experimental and other scientific purposes (1986)

European convention for the protection of pet animals . ( 1987)

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Like Human – Beings animals are also part of the country. They should also be protected with care.

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