Photo by Amir Hosseini on Unsplash

Friends are moments of happiness;
Tagged with Conversation all time;
Moments of Loneliness pass with time;
Helping each other in time of need,
Sometimes make fun with jokes;
Care for friends all the time;
Enjoying together a lot;
Small displeasure among friends;
Leading to misunderstanding;
Sometimes small displeasure leads  to a huge quarrel
Then starts fighting with two friends;
No face to face introduction;
Felt dissatisfaction in talking;
Full of hatred in mind;
Full of sorrows in eyes;
Mind full of unknowingly thought giggle up;
Then starts to remove ‘friends’ from every group;
Often felt displeasure by friends appearance;
Then Befriending friends for life ;
Remove and Blocking of friends contacts;
At last befriending friends from social media for life-long.

.    .    .