He was searching for the person with the golden heart and the sweet smile,

whose laugh simply carries away all his pain,

all his suffering, like the wind carrying away heat.

It’s like he is finding the piece of puzzle which can complete him.

But soon after he find her, she went missing again.

And he searched for her in the places which is like home to them,

he stayed there for night but she was long gone .

He searched for her in the places where they acted like weirdo, she came but not for him.

Truth is he was searching for the another person in the same person

which he couldn’t find, all he could find is the hatred for him.

The smile still shines,

The laugh still made his day,

The touch still lift him to heaven,

The talk still soothe his mood .

All this thing still happen but now it’s in imagination.

He lost her but her smile ended to be his most beautiful memories.

The truth is we don’t miss the person, we miss the vibe that person use to give.

They say that change is inevitable well true but not all change is for good. 

.   .   .