Everyone says ‘love does not drown in dead water'. Likewise true love never gets fade away. But in the case of 23-year-old Sudam Bakti of Dwarbond area in Cachar district, the situation is quite different. In exchange of 6 year-long true love, case of abduction & rape filed against husband by his own wife! The 23YO innocent boy Sudam from Dwarbond had to spend about 3 months in Silchar Central Jail as a 'criminal'. Sudam & his family gathered at Dwarband Bazar Police Station at noon on September 16 to protest against Sudam's married wife Anushree Goala.

They met with the present acting OC Pranab Kumar Deka and conversed in the context of the case filed on June 3 under Section 385/ 366/ 376 of the IPC filed by his legally married wife Anushree over her husband Sudam Bakti & and presented all the related documents of marriage of Sudam & Anushree in front of the journalists present. They handed over the very important generated documents. The protesters said that Sudam was arrested in a hurry. They also mentioned that the investigating officer of that case was Manoj Rajbangshi, OC of Dwarbond Police Station.

After hearing the complaint, the present OC Pranab Kumar Deka assured justice to take recourse of the law. In front of the police station, Mata Dashami Bakti, Mala Baury, Mangal Tanti, Sita Mishra, Bechan Goala all in unison refuted the allegations made by his wife Anushree Goala against Sudam Bakti as completely immoral and sought legal help and assistance from the district administration through the news media.

At the protest rally on the same day, the locals mentioned that after the legal marriage, Anushree was voluntarily handed over to Sudam in presence of others including Anushree's family, Sudam Bakti's family and panchayat members at Dwarbond police station. Since then they have been living together for about a month and then this enigmatic and incredible incident happened, they added.

Speaking to media, HRidaY Debnath (Founder of Justice Welfare Org.) said: In our country, the abuse of the law that was enforced or protected by the Women Empowerment for the protection of girls and women, is now reaching its extreme limit. As much as it is the duty of men to protect and respect women, it is also the duty of women to keep that respect intact. In this scenario, it’s high time to start campaigns for Men Empowerment. To start the initiative of men empowerment, we should begin by giving training of basic life skills to young boys from an early age. This will not only make them ‘self-dependent’ and self-reliant but will also make them more empathetic towards women who work hard in homes. We should respect women empowerment, but respect those who deserve it. Generally, good boys do always raise their voice and stand up against bad boys, but in the context of girls' community they want to stand up against bad girls but never raise their voice which indeed deteriorate their own overall respect as well.

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