Konark Sun Temple
Source: wikimedia.org

India is the land of enormous magical and extra ordinary cultural and heritage sites. The eminent buildings and architectural marvels created by the important personalities in the past are a blessing to witness. They exhibit extra ordinary design and architectural skills of our forefathers. From the first stepping stone till the construction of the last part of these beautiful monuments were only possible due to dense knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering.

One such exceptional masterpiece is the 13thcentury “KONARK SUN TEMPLE” located in the eastern state of ODISHA near the sacred city of PURI, dedicated to the Sun God. Its monumental representation depicts the Sun God’s chariot, its 24 wheels are decorated with symbolic designs and is led by 7 horses. This world heritage site as declared by UNESCO is one of India’s most famous Brahman sanctuaries. It is also believed by some that the 24 wheels represent 24 hours of the day and several positions of Sun depicts its beauty in 24 several ways. This is also famously known as the “BLACK PAGODA”. It shows the traditional Odisha style of architecture, also known as the “Kalinga Architecture”.

Source: wikimedia.org

The placement of main temple and Sun God is aligned in such a way that the first ray of Sun from coast would cross the “Dancing Hall (Nata Mandir) and would fall and get reflected from the diamond placed at the crown of the Sun God. Besides, the most popular theory associated with it is its magnets and the floating idol of Sun God in the main temple.

Now-a -days, this marvelous and insignificant monument attracts a lot of tourists as it is truly magical and enthusiastic to witness its architectural beauty. Such types of testaments should be preserved in the best possible way so as to preserve the authenticity and beauty of Indian Heritage because masterpiece like this is constructed once in an era but are praised for epochs to come.

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