Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay 

Love is illogical and irrational. Love is life. Love comprehends all contradictions in it. Love is even capable of comprehending its own opposite -- hate. Have we not observed it? We go on hating the same person we love. But love is bigger. It is so big that even hate can be allowed to have its play. In fact, if we really love, hate is not a distraction; on the contrary, it gives color, spice. It makes the whole affair more colorful - - like a rainbow. Hate is not the opposite for a loving heart. We can hate and continue loving. Love is so great that even hate can be allowed to have its own say. Lovers become intimate enemies. They go on fighting. In fact when a couple stops fighting and become indifferent to each other, then love has stopped. If we are still fighting with our partner, that simply shows that life is still running in it, it is still a live wire, still hot. When love is no longer there and everything is dead, then there is no fight. One settles into a sort of coldness; sort of indifference. Love is like wild life -- It means that if we love we will know many things which are qualities with opposites. The whole is bigger than all the opposites. This is the higher mathematics of the heart. A man of love will look mad to us because we function from the head and he functions from the heart; the languages are totally different. Love's language is so foreign to the head. Head and heart are the farthest poles of reality. There is no greater distance between any other two points as there is between the head and the heart, reason and love, logic and life. If a person is mad because of his love, his madness is not a disease. In fact, he is the only healthy person; he is the only whole and holy person -- because through his heart he has again become bridged with life. Now he is no longer fighting and in conflict. He is surrendered; he is in a let go. He trusts life has faith, and knows that nothing wrong is going to happen. He's not afraid. Of course to the logical mind this man looks mad because whatsoever he is doing is beyond the comprehension of reason. In fact, he's the only sane person, because now he no longer thinks, he lives; now he is no longer divided, but total; now there is no duality in him -- he is a unity. Ordinarily, we are not one person, we are many persons. We are a crowd. We don't know what our left hand is doing and what our right hand is planning to do. We say one thing but we wanted to say something else, and we will go on saying something else still. We are not a unity. There are many persons inside us revolving in a wheel and each becomes, for a time being, the master. We fall in love with a woman and we say, 'I will love you forever and forever. But just half an hour later we may repent. And just a few days later, we will completely forget what we had said. The woman is not going to forget it. She will remember. She will remind us again and again about what we have said -- We will feel guilty and impotent and helpless because we cannot do anything. At that moment we could not resist our self; at that moment it looked as if we would be loving her forever and forever; at that moment it was a truth but the part of the mind that asserted it is no longer the master. Now there are other minds. A man of understanding never promises because he knows his helplessness. He will feel humble; he will not feel confident. Only fools feel confident. People of understanding hesitate because they know there is a crowd inside them – they are not one.

Ordinarily, a man is a crowd; in fact, we should not use 'the mind' in singular. Only rare persons have a mind. We have Minds. The heart is always one. It does not know the duality; it is not a crowd. It is a unity. The closer we come to the heart, the one arises and the many disappear, far away. The heart needs no promise; even without promising, it is going to fulfill. The mind goes on making promises but it never fulfills them. In fact, it promises just to create an illusion because it knows it is not going to fulfill anything. The man of love is mad, mad to the logical mind -- but he is not ill. A heart-oriented man is not a madman or, he is mad in such a different way that he needs to be revered, and respected. Someday, in the future, when psychology really comes of age, whenever somebody goes mad from the head we will help him to move towards the heart -- because an opportunity opens in that moment. The breakdown can become a breakthrough. When our mind has failed, we are in a neutral state as if we are born. We should use this opportunity and lead the energy away from the mind and move into the heart. We should let love be our center, our target. Each possibility for the failure of the head can become a success for the heart. A spiritual person is one who has become alert that up to now he has lived wrongly, has moved in wrong directions, has been too concerned with things and not concerned with himself, has been too concerned with worldly prestige and power and has not been concerned about who he is. A spiritualist is one who is turning towards himself. A spiritualist is a miracle -- the energy is moving back towards oneself. Ordinarily, the energy is moving away from us -- towards things, targets, in the world hence we feel empty. The energy goes away, never comes back; we go on throwing away energy. By and by we feel dissipated, frustrated. Nothing comes back. By and by we start to feel empty. The energy is just oozing out every day -- and then comes death. The greatest miracle in life is to understand this, and to turn the energy towards home. It is a turning-in. It is not that we leave the world -- there is no need to leave anything, or go anywhere else. We live in the world, but in a totally different way. Now we live in the world but we remain centered in our self; our energy goes on returning to our self. We are no longer out-going: we have become in-going. Of course we become a pool of energy, a reservoir, and energy is delight, sheer delight. Just energy there, overflowing, and we are in delight, and we can share, and we can give in love. This is the difference. If we put our energy into greed or into anger it never comes back. It leaves us empty, exhausted, spent. If we put our energy into love or in compassion, it comes back a thousand-fold. A good man is an understanding man. A good man is alert, aware -- that's all. Awareness is the only value for him -- all else is meaningless. Of course, when we are aware, we behave according to the law, the fundamental law. When we are unaware, we go on destroying our self -- we go on being suicidal. If we behave according to the fundamental law, we will be enriched tremendously. Our life will become richer and richer every moment-- a pinnacle of inner richness. Morality is just a by-product of awareness, and immorality is a shadow of unawareness. Be aware and we will be good; be unaware and we will be bad. 

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