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Spiritual means when the mind, body, and soul are in synchronization with each other.

One wonder's why an individual who claims to be a spiritual practitioner most of the time fail to produce desired results. The investment they made do not pay dividends to most of them that they thought, perceived, and planned while making them. An introspection is necessitated by each of these souls who did so. It is been said in many traditions and religions that "it is in giving that we you will receive"/ "what you sow you reap"/ "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you". These are all based on Law of karma- law of attraction.

It's high time that what we have invested in the work of life as Energy Practitioner/ Spiritual Practitioner needs to be re-evaluated and re-calibrated from the perceptive where one feels that the returns from the so called investments expected hasn't met as desired.

Let's now elaborate each one from this soul's perceptive about investments made during this lifetime and re-evaluate if necessary to make it much rewarding and extract as much returns as we first envisaged while making this investments.

Unless an Spiritual Practitioner does be a better human being with all the good virtues been imbibed in oneself the desire results during treatment are hardly seen.

Attributing- (loosing I-ness)

  • One has to loosing I-ness and understand the importance of various higher beings playing a key role in getting the reward for one's Investments which also determines the period up to what time one would continue getting the same.
  • Moment the I-ness creeps in the flow of eff efforts , results will be affected and a change in life starts taking shape which leads to many time miserable and frustrate state.