After obtaining Diploma in Electrical engineering in 1969, I was keen to work in Power sector. I tried for an unique sector in nuclear power and I got selected as Scientific Assistant. I was keen to contribute in this challenging field. My friends were pulling me down by telling me fear of radiation, but I was self confident that I will manage all challenges. I got in plant training and I was posted in Fuel handling Section. In two years , I updated my qualification level to Graduation in Engineering. I was promoted as Scientific Officer. I learnt a lot. Efficiency of system was low. I utilised my theoretical knowledge and solved many problems of the system and efficiency of the system got improved. My confidence level got increased and now I was comfortable with my decision of selecting nuclear power plant as career. I served plant with full dedication and devotion. I was getting higher grades with increased responsibilities. Plant efficiency and plant capacity factors were now upto the desired level. Radiation was being given to us in controlled and monitored way. I did not face any health problem due to limited quantity of radiation dose. We were monitored every year in hospital also as part of annual medical check up. I was shouldered with additional responsibilities of public awareness activities. I used to visit educational institutions to deliver lectures on plant activities and radiation safety. I started writing articles on nuclear power plant and they were published in various national level magazines and newspapers. 

Considering my devoted work , I was awarded Atmaram Puraskar of Kendriya Hindi Sansthan Agra by the then President of India Dr. Kalam Sir on 14 September 2006 in New Delhi. 

This was a light house in my nuclear power career field. I served nuclear power plant for 38 years and retired in 2007. Thus my career field choice was proved as quality one. I got job satisfaction. I was fortunate to serve Nuclear Power plant. 

After retirement also, I am writing articles on nuclear power plant and giving interview on Aakashvani in addition to facebook live talks. I had written booklets on career management and Kalam Sir and I am sharing pdf files of my published books with students. 

My career management was successful. I will continue to counsel students on time management and career management till my last breath of life.

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