Image by An Le Bao from Pixabay 

I can't picture a life without problems.

It inspires us to work hard and learn.

We will have to endure this process.

No matter how much we abhor it.

Arise be strong, go on striving.

We need to care for others.

Be selfless and kind

Count all as our brothers and sisters.

This is the reason for progress

From failure to strength

Achieve success to transverse

Our life's journey, it's length and breadth.

When we find ourselves adrift

Away from the safety of our home shores

We need to replenish our thirst.

From the well of spirituality and prayer

Arise this is the reason for our existence.

Don't go down life's road like a car without brakes.

Like a rudderless boat whose oars we have cast away.

Arise dear friend, our faith alone will lead us ashore.