Life begins from the end. It is said that "Ending is the Beginning". Since childhood, we are taught that endings are happy. That is why till today we like those novels, movies, stories and so many things that have an end, especially a close end, where they have survived every challenge and matured. This stigma stuck with us till we face the real world, and all the expectations and romantic image of life gets over. Our rose-colored glasses are shattered, and a part of us just wants to live in the fictional world. That is why still most us find comfort in reading someone's story where he or she is both, like us and not so much.

Living beings are mortal, like our lives, our tastes, feelings and challenges are limited. To me, life is like seasons and weathers - sometimes it's rainy, sometimes it's gloomy and foggy and sometimes it's sunny and bright. We are filled with all kinds of emotions, battling over and over, learning and finding some kind of peace with it. When I first heard the sentence, "Survival of the fittest", I don't know why but the question of existence took me to a whole new realm. It was the further reading of existentialism that reminded me that in this world, we all are just a speck of dust, finding and fighting our own ways to survive the world. Darwin's theory amazed the Being in me. I am not just me but I have many personalities. Our psychology is different with every person though we may sit and talk together, but we are really different and same at the same time. We have different variations of ourselves from being an amateur to pro. We are oscillating with our personalities every now and then. 

When we are young, we are full of dreams and hopes for our future. But as we hit adulthood, life hits hard in the face. We are competing, winning and losing to almost for everything. Life becomes a battleground, either you stay on the ground and give up or get up and fight again. People say it's life. Life's happening to you. Rejections and disappointments become a part of your life. Some things either make you or break you and one needs to learn that. Either you settle with what you have or fight for what you can have, it all depends on your perseverance, as it's said. But I think in today's world you have to be more of a smart worker and optimize all the resources you have but intelligently.

Eugenics Theory advocated on improving human species for having desirable traits in the off-spring. I sometimes imagine if this theory is really successful, some believe that it medically and scientifically things have been proven, but it needs to be noticed that as humans we have countless traits that react differently and everything in this world is about test and trials. If something is successful in the past may not be applicable in the present, because everything is modernized. In today's world, the happiness is determined on the face value. If you are active on social media and keep posting stuffs, it means you are happy, but no-one sees the other side of the story. Even if you are alone you can still be happy, and happiness sometimes have a tag too.

Life is about instability. We are both excited and anxious of the unknown (future). Someone told me to live your today because worrying for future is what you'll be doing in future. I never know how to take this, this might be pessimist thinking, but the future will become today and today will become now, I'm worrying about the now, then. Our personality is who we become after the battles, but no it is also the person we transition during the hardships. Life is difficult and surviving is living, but we have limited time in our hands, so remember one thing that while surviving you have to live life to the fullest, as it's said there's sunrise after dawn, time will pass. Fight and don't give up, you fought this hard, don't give up so easily.

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