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Persons grow up in a certain environment. Naturally, they adopt habits, robes, houses befitting the climate and availability of building materials. It accounts for habit and habitat to chooses a particular diet to be vegetarian or nonvegetarian. Person survives on living material for food. Nobody can survive by eating inert substances. There is a common saying while living in Rome do as Romans do.

The primary necessity for survival is food. It depends on the local habitat. Clothes are the next necessity, it also depends on the availability of raw material to weave clothes. In a cold climate naturally one requires Hat, Turban to save from the cold in addition to woolen clothes. People assume the habit to consume liquor to save from cold. In hot climatic conditions person hardly requires Alcohol.

People lived in caves, developed huts, houses, buildings, skyscrapers. It depends on the availability of technique and knowledge to construct. In areas having high rains or snowfall, naturally, we need to construct houses with roofs having slopes. We can construct houses having flat roofs in areas we see minimum rains or snowfall. In every area of the world, people learned to communicate. By gestures, by words. These words were given dialects as a result language developed. Languages that do not have alphabets of their own, face chanc├Ęs of extinction of the language.

Cave Dwellings in Spiti, India
Source: By John Hill 

We learned to do agriculture and tame animals. It was the greatest of all discoveries in the primitive stage to preserve food for the time it is scared. Different religious leaders, prophets in order to organize societies, the developed institutions of marriage. To live in a society of need of time to protect from wild animals and dacoits.

Certainly, different areas developed different languages, different types of houses, different types of clothes and robes. It is all according to the availability of raw material. People sing. Dance. Every culture has different songs and different forms of dance. Some prefer funeral some deep burial. These customs suits their climatic conditions and availability of raw material. Humans knew to save themselves from infections. Learned about different plants surrounding them. Could select fruits, stems, vegetables, which do not harm.

Societies acquire a definite lifestyle to live, eat, to gossip, with the introduction of religion to different ways to worship. Different ways to celebrate and mourn. It is known to be a culture of a particular society. Great people work for the development of civilization, but we have made boundaries for them. In the present age equipped with technology, science, medical science, Temples, Mosques, Church, we have a definite lifestyle that follows. Live and let live is the best way to a better life. We should not talk about the superiority or inferiority of a particular culture. Let hundred flowers bloom.

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