Science is systematic knowledge. In spite of it many mysteries I realized in life.

  1. Earth revolves around the Sun and its axis. Is it Earth holds Ocean and Air or Ocean and Ait hold Earth.
  2. The egg came first or Hen.
  3. Shape, size, a distance of Universe.

We believe in things we see with our eyes. I saw a person showing me the powerful torch, on my way in the forest at Almora. My friend could not see anything. It was dark for him, bright for me. I stopped to thank the gentleman. My friend diverted me by asking me not to stop here as it was a graveyard. My attention got diverted. I realized a person passed by, touching me, opened the door, climbed the grave, suddenly disappeared.

It was at Sitoli Jungle we were returning from Hawalbagh to Almora. The whole way, I was holding the hand of my friend to help me walk. I could see everything.

In another incident, I followed Kalika Temple at Gangolihat. The crowd was qued. I found a child, the girl opened the door for me, made a gesture to come. I along with my wife worshiped first, with permission of pilgrims present there in the queue. My wife could not notice the girl child, I noticed.

The world is full of mysteries, which need to be resolved. We have created around web-like spider of electronic waves. Spider attracts insects for food. Here Human are being attracted as prey of Corona. Insurance Companies require animals to be tagged prior to insurance. Motor Vehicles are allowed number. We have no way to tag atoms or electrons present around its periphery.

Carbon deposits in equipment are used to heat water. I feel areas having high humidity have high chances of infection due to Covid. Humans get stuck, insects get stuck, birds get stuck, animals get stuck to Electric Currents. There is reason to feel that Electronic waves present in the air helped Corona to propagate wide throughout Earth. Electrons transgress walls of houses also. Corona is stated to have a life of 14 hours, it is just by stopping Waves of Electrons in different forms for 24 hours, we can completely eradicate Corona from Earth is my firm belief.

Can Scientists tag atoms or electrons? We have to work on a hypothesis. Darwin realized the development of Species from Amoeba. Newton propounded that nothing can move except when force is applied. Let us deplore the possibilities of propagation of Corona with help of Electronic Waves. Stoppage of Electronic waves will be of less inconvenience compared to deaths we notice throughout the world. Vaccination is to develop personal immunity. To eradicate Corona forever from Earth no one thought about. I hope my idea works. I want to make the world a safe place to live.

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