Malnutrition became an important aspect in the world. All these are happening because of lack of education and proper guidance.

  • Empowering women by taking weekly classes near their homes gives an idea like how to grow their child ( mainly this step has to be implemented) 
  • "Women is the back bone to the home", without her, there is nothing
  • Giving right to the women and the home to prepare the time table for weakly basis regarding to the food they take 
  • Introducing lessons in school level related to importance of taking healthy food 
  • In some areas in India, even up to this date, there is inequality in gender which allowing them to make differences in the food that they are giving to the children," it has to be abolished through TV shows which shows massive impact
image taken from ncoa

Health is wealth, without being good in both aspects physically and mentally no one is able to perform their tasks in day to day life, empower every one in your surroundings with your words who are not taking the good food.

"Being Healthy is an everyone's right" support it, teach for it.

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