No relationship is perfect...

As much as you would want it to be perfect, it will never be perfect. It's always good before it gets bad, it's always easy before it gets hard, and it always feels perfect before it gets real. You'll always see the best in each other before you bring out the

Worst of each other...

As the connection gets deeper and the attachment gets stronger, that's when you're gonna see just exactly how vulnerable you've made yourself to each other. That's when the flaws and faults start to show themselves. That's when the problems and

Differences start to settle in...

This is where most people give up because now everything is too complicated or too difficult and that's when they try to find someone better, but the thing is even with someone better, it's never going to be perfect. It's not about being with someone better or having that perfect relationship, it's about knowing the value of what you have right in front of you and making it work despite the challenges it may bring

Sure, it feels amazing when you two get along and it feels miserable when you two argue, but the beauty in that is being able to always find your way back to each other when you're on the verge of losing one another because that goes to show that it's something worth fighting for and it's meant to be saved.

So there might not such a thing as a perfect relationship, but a beautiful one? Yeah, those do exist because what's beautiful isn't always perfect, and it's something we all deserve.

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