I see the shadow of me in the drizzling pond Smudging my view Unable to see right from wrong Cloudy is the weather Winds filled with chills Draped in a long shabby dress I wipe my tears As the world disowns my views And crushes the thoughts of my mind And I cry And run to the village pond Near the edge of the forest And weep my heart out Eternity views my condition And lets the gentle drizzle come down from the cloudy sky I have my share of sadness within me Full with my feelings I come to the pond To cry in solitude And then wipe my tears And feel a little stronger Then go back to the tedious life And do all the tiring chores Hearing insinuating words of the master And carry on While my heart hurts Then I come again to my beloved pond And tear a bit and then go back to that cruel world...!!

.    .    .