Chapter 1: Summer Vacation

"it's Summer Vacation! Dad! Are you done packing? George cheerfully asked his dad.

He was packing up drinks inside the cooler, "not yet, George? will you be so kind and put the grill inside the trunk!?" His dad asked a favor, "sure!" he answered wait for a smile on his face.

His dad came out of the house with the cooler and puts it in the trunk "okay, that's it, now time to get going" he said with a snap of his finger.

"is everyone ready?" He asked with a grin on his face," ready!! " they yelled cheerfully and their dad Harold started the engine and rode off for their camping trip. As they were traveling, there was something very bright in the clear blue sky it shines like a star. His daughter Laiza at the back seat saw the very bright star, "dad, is it possible to see a star in the middle of the day?" she asked, "umm, no sweetheart, we can only see them at night"

All of the vehicles in front of them stopped and looks at the sky where the star is present, "What's going on?" George asked, "I don't know," his dad said, they too come out of the car look where everyone is looking at them, the people began asking each other "a star?" "How is that even possible?"

"In the middle of the day?" They said.

Harold was mesmerized by what he's seeing, the cars' radios begun to experience static issues and their gadgets were all out of service even though their all close to a town where there's a cell tower. "Dad? What's happening?" Laiza asked.

Suddenly the people from behind started screaming" aaahhh!" "A monster! everyone run!" the police and the Army were on their way towards the direction where the people screaming. They stopped "Everyone! Move! Move! Move!" the Captain said.

The people continues running and the soldiers and police are in their defensive position, as the people run the ground was shaking, something big is approaching, the stomping sound got closer and closer and then suddenly a car flew right in front of them. Harold was frightened and carried Laiza, "George! Come on, let's go!" Harold anxiously said, "wait! I wanna see what it is" George said.

A huge Saber-toothed gorilla suddenly appeared and smashed the container trucks in front of them and roared, "Fire!" Soldiers and police started shooting as soon as the captain said.

"George! Let's go!" Harold yelled and grabbed his arm and started running, as they run the soldiers behind them were aggressively attacked by the beast, crushing everyone like a small mouse and feasted on their flesh, their attack was not slowing the beast down." captain! What should we do? all of our attacks aren't killing or slowing it down!" the soldier said while shaking in fear.

"Prepare the RPGs!" The captain yelled, the soldiers fired at the beast but it blocked the attack and looks at them furiously, and throws a truck at them. Harold and his children ran far away from town, safe away from the beast.

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Chapter 2: Chaos

Every citizen was being evacuated to a safe shelter, while the people in the city of San Francisco were marching, Harold and his children were lost in the forest because of their fear of being killed by the beast.

After hours of walking in the forest, they found a river, "Dad, I'm thirsty, can I drink this water?"

George asked with a sigh, they drank water by the river and sat down to rest "I'm exhausted!" George said as he laid on the ground. Harold was washing his face and looks around while scouting a strange object swooshed from the sky and fell on the other side of the river, they were shocked by the sudden explosion, Harold looks up sees the star getting closer and bigger and begun a meteor shower.

They quickly got up and he carries laiza and started running, the meteors drop everywhere. The city of San Francisco was devastated by the meteorites, an airplane that was still in mid-air was destroyed, the city was scorching like hell and thousands of lives were lost.

Meanwhile, in New York city his wife Jane was busy working as a secretary, "are the investors gonna join us for our meeting?" her boss asked "yes sir" she nervously replied, the door opens "sorry we're late! We were stuck in a traffic." the investors said "that's okay, lots of people mean lots of businesses and jobs, so we're not the only ones who are busy that's why there's traffic." the boss said.

Her phone rings and caught everyone's attention,

" excuse me," she said as she walks out of the office.

"Hello! Harold?" she said

"Are you ok?! Are you safe?" Harold anxiously asked

"yes, I'm fine! Why? Is there something wrong? She asked,

" thank goodness! " he said in relief

Harold was at the phone booth talking to her,

While they were having a conversation, George and Laiza were playing patty cake, they can see the black smoke rises from the city, Laiza looks at the black smoke, "big brother, is mom gonna be okay?" She asked with bereft, "she'll be fine, there's no need to worry, we'll see her soon" he said while hugging his sister.

.    .    .