Humanity is the basic principle to identify the human. As human beings have the tendency to unfold the mystery. We have the ability to understand others and help each other in times of need. 

Humans have done highly appreciable work that will be remembered till eternity.In a multilingual country where we are parted by the regional barriers , humanity has made it unified. Because of our unity we were able to get freedom under great leaders supervision.

Humans have a kind and forgiving nature. They are the ones who care a lot about nature, animals and their people. There are many deeds which reflect the nature of the person because of their behaviour and guidance under which they are raised.

Gradually humanity has been shifted to greediness which has turned the table. Greediness is at its peak which has resulted in devastated changes. Everything we do for others has a hidden purpose behind it.

We are stuck towards materialistic things that we forget the beauty of simplicity. We want bunglow,fancy clothes, expensive cars and the list goes on but we never realised that nature has provided us with lots of colours and creatures around us.

Honesty has been lost somewhere. People nowadays prefer lies to let their work run smoothly. Most of the people don't want to do hard work and get paid for it. They are always in search of an easy way to get huge bucks in a short period of time with the least effort. 

We have different ways to express our emotions but what when it all changes to cruelty, jealousy, harshness and criticism. We had developed a habit of criticising people for their good deeds and bad deeds as well. They all get jealous of others' progress with no basic reason.

Mental Peace is replaced by depression now. According to the survey 43% of the nation's citizens are suffering from depression and most of them are youngsters. Having hectic schedule and peer pressure has resulted people to commit suicide who can do wonders in their field but couldn't.

Happiness and satisfaction which were the major reason for a human to achieve a milestone has lost its spark. Most people searching for more forget to enjoy today. If we see the UN World Happiness Record, India lies 144th place in 2021as the happiest country in the world. Major reasons are some are not happy for themselves, some from their families and some from others. The basic value to be happy and cheerful has missed out.

Social media has deeply affected the nation's youth. In the age of focusing on their studies and career path, they are pretending to be the one who they ain't. Faking themselves just to get the attention of the people whom they don't know in real life. We need to understand and let the youth understand that whatever we see on social sites isn't true and whatever advice they suggest isn't applicable to all.

Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay 

In this era where education has widened the thoughts of peoples in every possible way but there are still some corners where they lack behind. Women are getting equal opportunity in the competitive world and establishing their identity. While looking at the positive aspects we usually ignore negative aspects such as women are harrassed badly and it is a major issue which needs to be sorted out on time. In a day over 320 cases are reported against harassment in Delhi. We are quite familiar with the situation and we take steps against the crime but rarely anyone gets justice. 

Nowadays even animals are not safe from this heinous crime. There are many cases which show the truth even though we keep our eyes closed. According to the survey published in India today almost five lakhs animals have been harrassed and even led to death in the past 10 years. 

Apart from using animals for domestic purposes, some use them for entertainment purposes. There was a news that got people concerned, "A pregnant elephant was led to death just because some children wants to have some sort of fun so they burst crackers near her which resulted her to lose her balance and died".

Another incident got viral where the childrens were throwing the dogs to each other and then randomly throwing it on the road as a result that dog got badly injured and  many other incidents took place where humans got cursed for their irresponsible behaviour but no changes to be seen.

We see a lot of incidents and discuss a lot for two or three days and after that we used to avoid that like it never happened, that's disheartening. We are so concerned about ourselves that we never look around for who needs our support. We are limited to talks only, the hardworking trait is gone. We as humans are shamed now for misdeeds . The traits for which we are called unique are not present anymore. 

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