We all live in a world where we are surrounded by too many peoples of known and unknown names. As we look up, we feel like oh, I have people around me and I'm not alone. But the feeling of being alone or the feeling of loneliness can't be described in words. It is a feeling that you feel even you're surrounded by thousands of people or those who love you. It's a feeling you feel even in a crowd or even with your loved one's. It's a feeling of emptiness from inside or a feeling of like an empty vessel. It's difficult to describe it in few words.

Sometimes the person is just in front of you but you can't see their pain or what they feel. we live in a world where humanity is left as a word only here no one cares about others, no one tries to understand their pain neither friends nor family and no one recognize their broken souls. they just see and move on.

People's like them who knows the pain of being abandoned always try hard to understand others because they are aware of the fact that the feeling of not being understood is the worst so they always try to make someone feel better. But what they feel nobody cares because to understand or to know a person who's shattered is not so easy.

We all have been gone through this phase and some of us are still going through of it. Day by day it just gets deeper n deeper. Gradually we start feeling like there is no way left to get over it or to live a happy life and one day this feeling becomes permanent and becomes impossible to be cured. And then these kind of people who is broken, not trusted, lonely swings open n shut their heart like a gate. 

.   .   .