Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay 

A world full of dreams, happiness, entertaining with the utmost of fun.

So here I start why how and what was the reason to make a world of imagination. Everybody wants to live up a life as they want to but they can't, but sometimes dreams can come true as expected life what u think u get. Those who don't get, they make imaginary world in their mind not to escape from reality but just to be alive and enjoy their life, to give a meaning to their life.

Is it necessary to have a imaginary world? No, it is not u can even try to change your real life into a world that u want but if not possible, imaginary world is the only option. A short life is full of long journey & that journey is meant to be lived fully by enjoying every moment of it. Everybody has its own imagination and all u just have to do is use your imagination to do creative things and convert your life into a unique one.

I have made one because exceptions are not worthy for all to accept. Sometimes people feel they are worthless but that's not the truth. Make a life or create a life in which u are the only one & most important person for you. Be independent not depend on people for your happiness. Be your own happiness. Crack a joke so u can make thousands of people laugh despite of knowing who they are. While seeing them happy you are the one who is more happier than you. It's depends upon you to be in a depressive life because of not having a life that you want or make a imaginary world that you want.

As we all know the imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere, that gives different colours to meaningless life that give colour to one's world. Imagination used to be create . Stop making imagination of worrying instead make and create into a happy one . Then you want to live every second of your life.

At last, a world can be imaginary in your mind but u can convert it into reality by efforts an hardworking. REMINDER :- Nothing is impossible until you want to give up use your imagination into creativity to make unreal to real..

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