Image by u_uf78c121 from Pixabay 

Friendship isn't a thing that anyone can buy but it's a true emotion that make a bond where gender is never a barrier. So most of people don't believe in friendship nowadays because of fake friendship. I never believe in term fake friends until I do have them. But for me, they are still not fake but not even the true ones they are some temporary people who can't be trusted again. And I made a mistake by trusting them again and giving them chance but in this, I lost my genuine best friend who is always there for me, supported me, even motivates me & makes me smile but I neglected all things because of my anger and the situation that was created by some so-called people in life. 

Starting having trust issues with the real ones thinking they gonna replace u with someone else and started being rude with them saying them they are changed rather u are the one who is changed. Thinking in wrong direction and after a lot of argument taking a break from everything and realized actually what happened and made an apology but was not accepted and still not accepted sad but true because it was too late and nobody can have that level of patience except that one person. 

Some say friends will come and go like it's really simple for them to let them go like they never exist in life? When no one is there for me the only person who listens to me my useless talks and never judges me or get annoyed how can I forget that person? 

The one who is hurt by you and saying you are not a friend but a stranger but still helped me in doing practical & keeping anger aside. This is not friendship then what friendship is? I know sometimes his talks are like brainless prani but if you have the real ones in your life that are not more than a blessing. Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest because 2 months is even sufficient to have a great friend who knows you very well and I have and I am experiencing. Missing the talks which are converted into silence, missing the calls which are stopped by modes, a lot of things to share but can't. Just regretting the things done unintentionally. 

Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. Even the moon doesn't forget the stars which are far from the moon so how to forget close ones? Even if contact is lost what about memories that last? Can't we be best friends again? Is it difficult to accept the friendship again?

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