Image by Arulonline from Pixabay 

Life is a word which is very fragile

It slips off like water on a lotus leaf which was just here a while

It is interpreted by the siblings, happiness and sorrow

If you are depressed today you will surprisingly find happiness on the morrow.

Perhaps the biggest source of sadness is seen as death always

But respected readers you must not be fooled by its appearance

Life and death are what you think it to be

It can be as exciting as a treasure hunt or a thought that brings only misery.

The bravest of warriors are those who fight till the last breath

Not the ones who flee away from death.

So don't let fear control you

Or else you will feel as tattered and torn as an old shoe

So always put on that confident smile

And it's your life, spend it in your unique style.

.   .   .