Source: Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

Self reliance means self confidence. A man, who possesses confidence and always works with honesty for an honest goal, can overcome all obstacles in his life. As India steps towards another year of independence, it gives memories of the self reliant freedom fighters who fought with unity to achieve such a feat. They created the backbone of the country. Honesty is the ornament of a self reliant person’s character. They leave no stone unturned to wipe out the evils of the society. They are above all narrowness and meanness and they always think for the welfare of the society. A self reliant person is the conqueror of ego, passion, greed and fear and are miles away from corruption. 

Our freedom fighters uncovered the truth that self reliance, sacrifice, service towards nation are the only ways to achieve true freedom and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward because it makes one ask what he can do for the world not what the world can do for him. The person always remains optimistic and positive. Failure or success does not depress nor make him turn his head. His balanced mind and personality seek the right action at the right time. Simplicity is the hall mark of his life. He does not believe in underhand methods but only hard work. Having a high sense of duty and being truthful to the core makes him a sincere, ideal and true man of the society. It should be the dream of Indians to be such a citizen to make India a self reliant country and a symbol of integrity.

My dream brush paints a country to be
remembered in human race
As the nation sing the song of joy and parade straight to success
A nation having citizens self reliant with integrity
Can form such a splendid dream country.

.    .    .