Source: Muhammad Saleh from Pixabay 

During childhood, Arya was a girl with middle-class background. She was superior in studies during her schooling, but she used to secure 2nd or 3rd rank frequently. Because of this fact she always felt depressed. She was constantly thinking happiness has ended entirely from her life although no one scolded her for the rank in the school. In spite of all the best efforts towards the exams, she was always away from the glamour of the first rank in the class. Because of this fact, her thought process became so obsessive for her own dreams. She was becoming immensely possessive about even the smallest things needed to achieve her dreams, but eventually when she didn’t get that she became constantly nervous. All such mental hassles in her life were rising rapidly in her mind since childhood. I think this was the actual beginning of her mental upbringing, that is by hook or by crook, these incidences were the real base for her shyness and always doubting attitude. Although she was clever right from her childhood, but such circumstances made her transform to a quiet introverted person and that continued as she was growing as an adolescent girl.

But as this phase of adolescence makes most of the young generations more sensitive to something they are relatable with, Arya was also caught in such a net thrown at her by the occurrence of some incidences. When she was in 10th standard, she was madly in an obsession with getting a meritorious glamour of 10th standard results. Although she tried her best in achieving that, she secured 87.2 %, and that missed the merit criterion, because merit closed on 90% at that time. But considering her genuine and industrious efforts, God was always by her side, saving her from negative vibes. So, soon she was honoured in school for securing 1st rank in Sanskrit and Marathi subjects. This time she was the second topper of her school, but greetings to her parents for her success (which was not the real success according to her) made her quite comfortable.

As she entered in 11th standard, she was over-influenced by her mental hassles, emotional imbalance because of the adolescence phase, which ultimately lead to a lack of self-confidence. As a result of this, she was constantly worried about her pee problem, because of which she used to go to the washroom almost every hour. This habit was really sucking for her, which was developed by her own dilemma. Instead of being diplomatic, by mind as well as by heart, she used to get more sensitive to even the smallest things which might be related to her body, or surrounding atmosphere. This was because she had seen a girl struggling for support by an accidental blood patch on her Kurti in her menstrual cycle, in the classroom. This incidence really shocked her and she was never wanting that to have happened to her in the future. Later on, she focussed on studies and secured 83 %in the 12th standard. Although she could have secured more than 83% but her subconscious mind was always taking her control in some situations.

She then continued her education in Engineering, where the control of her subconscious mind started to lose her conscious mind, and things began to change. Everything was going very perfect, but now she entered into a phase of struggle in her life. Although she tried for a number of aptitude tests for companies in campus placement, she was unable to clear them until 1 year. But as God was again on her side she got placed in a company that conducted a pool campus for 4 colleges in the nearby region. She was the only student selected by a company amongst 300 students. She really felt happy but at the same time, she was under stress, as there was no one along with her to go and join that company because she was always afraid of leaving alone at an unknown place so her lack of self-confidence pulled her back from golden opportunity, which she always dreamt of.

Later on, she passed Engineering with 73.74% and joined as a lecturer in an Engineering college.Meanwhile, her arranged marriage was fixed with a guy in Nashik, who was a really good human being and he allowed her to continue her studies further. Later on, she passed the Common Entrance exam for postgraduate studies and started pursuing postgraduate engineering studies. But again destiny was never easy for her, she tried very hard to clear the postgraduate engineering studies in regular 2 years which was very tough because college was allowing only those students with their project research papers published in well-known journals and conferences. Fortunately again as God was by her side, her research paper was selected and published in an international conference in Bandra, Mumbai. Although this all had happened, she again got stuck with her final project execution steps, but this time she was very confident in her abilities, and she convinced her guide for the desired outcome and passed master’s in Engineering with a good percentile.

But still, she was yet to face a real struggle in her life... She was pregnant, but miscarriage made her really sad, and still, she stood again for conceiving a second child. But again as destiny had designed another plan for her she gave birth to a wonderful baby boy, who was later on diagnosed with serious brain disorder i.e. "Cerebral Palsy“.This time she was completely collapsed. But her husband supported her emotionally, and she tried very hard for her baby boy to achieve his milestones (like sitting, babbling, creeping, crawling) but after 5 years of her child, she was feeling completely exhausted because her child was able to do things very slowly inspite of fact that she was giving 5-6hours daily for his physiotherapy. To stand up high as a confident woman again and to overcome the depression, her mother suggested her to go for her next pregnancy. She was always worried about her pregnancy this time because she didn’t want things to happen worst as happened previously. But then she delivered a wonderful healthy baby boy, who turned her life to heaven. She stood again for her little buddies to develop them by hook or by crook, and destiny never crossed her further. It was her experiences that made her strong through all the circumstances right from her childhood till her adulthood. Now she is really happy with her family, nurturing her hobby She is doing a teaching job which she always dreamt of by taking care of her little buddies and family.

So in her biography, it seems that, although destiny showed her different colours, her campaign for self-existence always stood her high tackling the situation. I really Kudos to Arya for her wonderful life journey and I pray to God that she would have a wonderful life ahead.

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