In the shadows I lurk, stalking my prey,
A lonely girl, having an off day.
Oh, A boy! Wouldn’t know what hit him,
I like to play around first with my victim.

I like them isolated, so no one can hear their cry,
I’ll pin them down; immobilized they’ll lie.
I’ll claw their happiness, their dreams, and hopes,
Like a Dementor, with a kiss of death I’ll grope.

I will get away, almost every single time,
I’ll never be hanged, they won’t even see my crime,
Until it’s too late; then their family weeps.
I’m a serial killer, who never sleeps.

My victims are shamed and never understood,
“It’s their fault! Never careful as they should”.
But their parents never taught them to be afraid of me,
My appetite for them is apparently psychology.

But I’m not what you think, I don’t touch the skin,
I assault the mind, deceiving it is my sin.
I make your life feel like there’s nothing left to choose,
Then I break it, twist it, and hang it from a noose.

Kurt Cobain and Chester Bennington sang me their last song,
Robin Williams smiled through his pain; now he’s gone
I claim a soul every 40 seconds
And still my presence is rarely reckoned.

They never seek help, my name is taboo,
“Just don’t get depressed!”, the ignorant court shoos!!.
You tighten your bandage, and take your vitamin pill
But those seeking mental relief, you rule them ill.

I don’t care if you’re young or if you’re old,
Rich or poor; I’m unbiased and cold.
The adults are no better, they just hide it well,
Good for me, they trapped themselves in my cell.

How much they are loved, they seemed to forget
The courage to reach out, now that’s real strength
They never realised how much they meant to people’s hearts
So, they married me, “Till death do us part.”

Poet’s Note:

Close to 8,00,00 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds (According to WHO). Depression is the second leading cause of death of young people aged between 15-29. Yet, it’s considered taboo. Those who claim to be suffering from depression are often shunned. You don’t have to look far ahead, but just beside you. There might be someone there struggling with depression right now. When you nurture yourself and mature, do not neglect your mental nutrition. Mental wellbeing is as important as, if not more than physical fitness. As a friend once said “You don’t need to have any problem to go for therapy.” It’s about the time we remove the negative labels attached to it. Always remember that you’re loved, and there is so much the world has to offer you, if you just remember to look for it.

Keep Smiling! (Genuinely Please)

.    .    .