Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Failure the word in itself is looked up with negativity,
but when we are born from walking up like a child and,
then falling isn't about failing,
It's the will to stand up and learn to walk again
To try again, to don't regret, to not lose hope
Because Failure isn't the end of the world!
From failing in school exams, and college entrances to failing in a job aren't the end of the world, maybe it's the situation or the destiny that wants us to introspect,
The reason why we failed? Why didn't things go in our favor?
Why some ideas that we had didn't work out?
Why even after hard work we failed?
Because God has a better plan
Because maybe the preparation was weak
Because maybe something much better still awaits!
Because maybe we weren't destined to work like that,
Because Failure isn't the end of the world!
If a fish is asked today to climb a tree and it fails to do the same,
then it will live its whole life thinking as a failure,
Why can't we think differently and accept that if we fail in an exam, entrance, job or any activity then its just that things weren't meant to be as we expected,
Things weren't going as we planned
Because everyone has a different destiny
Everyone is meant to have a unique personality
Everyone is born with different intellectual and physical capabilities
Because Failure isn't the end of the world!
Giving up is not a solution, keep walking
You will find your path because the future isn't seen by anyone
Your worry will only make things worse,
Do your work and leave it to the God
Don't take the pressure on the outcome it's the action that one has to take
Actions speak louder than words and have faith in the hours, months, or years that you committed,
Having faith in oneself when failure comes is the belief,
Stay strong, stay motivated with the hope that something better still awaits
Never give up!
Because Failure isn't the end of the world!
Even if you face a failure look at it as a learning or scope of improvement,
Cause with failure comes to a responsibility to learn,
To take insight, to improve, and to change the way you learn
Because with improvement one can complete the task with better capability and better skills,
This is only possible when we fail
This is only possible when we face rejection
This is only possible when we change our outlook
Because failure isn't the end of the world!

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