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We have recently observed the adverse effects of human activities on our climate. Worldwide studies show that climate is changing day by day and year by year. It is worsening day by day and year by year. There is a rise in global warming, increase in level of CO2 in atmosphere and rise in air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. If the whole world will not stop those activities, which are affecting climate adversely then a day may come that our survival on earth may be in danger. It is expected that there may be a rise of 1.5oC to 2.0oC temperature due to global warming by 2050. If there will be a rise of 1.5oC to 2.0oC in temperature then the ice of glaciers and pole will melt and it will cause a rise in the level of Seas/ Oceans.

Several cities of the world may go in Seas/ oceans and it will affect the world population adversely. It may cause heavy drought in some parts of the world and Heavy rain in other part of the world. It may affect the agricultural productions of the world badly. If there may be a decrease in agricultural production then it may put a large population of the world in hunger and it may put a question mark on the survival of human beings on the earth. The rise of temperature of atmosphere may decrease in Rain and decrease in the level of underground water. It may go deeper & deeper and at last, we may lose underground water. If it happens then we may not have water for drinking of Human beings and Animals as well as for agriculture activities.

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The survival of plants and trees may also be in danger due to a decrease in underground water. It will adversely affect forest, forest Animals and survival of population on the earth. Our increasing use of fossil fuels, burning of wood and pollutions by the Industries is responsible for raising of the level of CO2 in atmosphere. The decrease in oxygen and increase in CO2 in atmosphere may cause serious issues on the health of human beings and living organisms on Earth.

The expert says that the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing year by year. It may reach to that level in atmosphere that we have to breathe CO2 with oxygen, which may affect our survival on this planet. We are also using chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)and its use is increasing the day by day and it is damaging the ozone layer. The ozone layer is depleting continuously day by day and few holes appear in the ozone layer. The ozone layer is acting as a blanket for harmful rays reaching from sun to earth.

These radiations are harmful for human being and living things on Earth. If the depletion of the ozone layer continues with the present rate than a day may come that it may not be able to stop these harmful radiations from reaching on Earth and then it may cause serious issues on the survival of human beings. The other effect of climate change will be on the availability of freshwater. The whole world is having only .5% of water as freshwater. The sources of freshwater are Lake, River, Glaciers, Rain etc. 

All these resources recharge groundwater and we use ground Water for Drinking and for irrigation. We are consuming freshwater day by day and there is an increase in pollution in underground water, Lake water, River water, and Glaciers water. Our activities are Polluting water and this Polluted Water is Disturbing our sources of Fresh Water. We usually Discharge Polluted Water either in ground or in Rivers. It Pollutes Fresh Water also. We are also Polluting of Underground Water due to the discharge of industrial wastewater. 

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The freshwater is decreasing day by day and the Population is increasing day by day. The decrease in freshwater may cause a threat to the survival of human beings and Animals on this Planet. We must try to conserve freshwater through different activities of Save Water. We must try to conserve Rain Water also for our future survival on this beautiful planet. We must adopt Rain Water harvesting Practices in our life. Rain Water Harvesting may solve our future Problems of water which may arise in our daily life. Pollution of water is causing serious threats to the whole world. 

The growing use of the first use of Plastic is also causing serious threats on the survival of Human beings and Animals on this planet. It is causing water Pollution, ocean Pollution, Air Pollution and soil Pollution also. The use of Plastics is increasing day by day due to increase of our dependence on plastic, plastic products and packing of products in plastic packs.

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The recovery practices of waste plastic are poor and the public throws this plastic here and there. These plastics flow with rainwater and go to the sea and then pollute seawater also. It is also causing danger for sea animals. Plastic when mixed with soil pollutes the soil. It badly affects the fertility of the soil and badly affects the growth of Agriculture Products. 

All the above activities are affecting our climate also. The Plastic when mixed with water then pollutes water. The Plastic when burns then cause air pollution. The Industrialization activities and Population growth is causing climate change. The whole world must decide the ways to decrease the CO2 level, to decrease the burning of fossil fuels, and to decrease the use of CFC otherwise it may put our survival in danger. Each and Every one of us must decide on an action plan to reduce global warming, CO2, CFC, and use of plastic, then only we may save our environment, our climate and at the last our survival on this beautiful planet Earth.

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