Image by Aksh Kinjawadekar from Pixabay 

We all are living on a beautiful planet Earth. Nature has given us water, Forest, the environment, rivers, mountains, glaciers, seas, fertile soil, minerals, animals, oxygen, plants, the ozone layer, etc. Nature has provided every protection to us. No such conditions are available on other planets hence no life is there. We are exhausting these natural resources in a different way and these resources are going to be in a dangerous condition and may be exhausted on any day. It may also put all human beings in danger if we may not initiate an immediate action plan to save our natural resources. Earth day is celebrated every year to aware all of us and to take up all such activities which may save the environment, save forests, and save water. Deforestation activities have reduced forests to a large extent and it is the time to stop deforestation activities immediately and to plant more and more trees to save our environment. It is the duty of all of us to plant at least one tree every year and to take care of them. Nature has given us different types of trees depending on climatic conditions hence we must plant these trees as per climatic conditions. Now it has been observed that Some plants are in the endangered species class. Therefore, we must try to save them as every plant has different work and have different uses. Every plant is important for the environment. To save our environment, we need all such plants to survive. Hence, we must pay attention to save endangered plants. we must plant and take care of endangered plants more and more to save our environment. Our next responsibility is to save drinking water. It is only less than 1% of total available water on earth. We are exhausting it rapidly hence it is decreasing day by day. Water pollution is also creating serious issues about the availability of drinking water. The rapid decrease of natural resources of drinking water is a great threat to the availability of drinking water. Now, it is the right time to stop the wastage of drinking water and to save every drop of drinking water through our water-saving activities. We may aware of the public through water-saving activities. We may conduct pledges, skits, Quizzes, Essay writing activities, Debates, Exhibitions, rallies, wall paintings, Advertisements, etc. for the awareness of the Public. We must also stop water pollution activities immediately through awareness. We must also adopt rainwater harvesting activities immediately to save water otherwise it may put a question on our existence on this beautiful planet Earth. Growing pollution is also a great issue for our existence and our survival. It is increasing day by day and has reached to a dangerous level. It has increased the global temperature which in turn raised the level of seas. It also has changed the season cycle and has increased forest fire. Pollution has increased the carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the environment. Global warming is melting glaciers and ice caps. It is a symbol of serious issues on our existence on this beautiful planet Earth. We must pay attention to these harmful activities immediately otherwise it may become a serious issue for all of us. On World Earth Day, we must take a pledge to stop or reduce all such polluting activities that are increasing pollution. We must also take a pledge to stop pollution on this day to reduce it to a minimum level. We have also observed the depletion of the ozone layer and also observed Holes in the ozone layer. It is a symbol of great danger for all of us. We must initiate immediate action to stop all such activities that deplete the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects us from harmful radiation reaching to Earth from the sun hence we must protect the ozone layer from depletion. Another issue on our earth is the decrease of natural animals and wild animals. These animals are also decreasing due to global warming, a decrease in forests, and due to climatic changes. We have also observed that there are several endangered animals. We have to protect these animals to save the environment. We must stop all such activities that are harmful to these animals through awareness. We have to protect the forests and the places of their lives where these animals are found. We are also facing one more serious problem of sea pollution. It is going to be serious in the next few years. The use of single-use of plastic is also a serious problem for us. The single-use plastic is polluting water, soil, rivers, and the vast seas. The plastic flows to the seas through rivers and from cities on the bank of the seas. This plastic is polluting the seas and it is dangerous for sea animals. Sea pollution is badly affecting the life of sea animals. It is now in a state of dangerous Levels. It has been observed in some research that Plastic is found in the bodies of Sea Animals, Animals, and in Human beings also. This plastic, found in the bodies of animals and human beings is causing serious issues in the survival of these animals and human beings. It is time for all of us to ban the use of first use of plastic and all type of Plastic immediately. The use of pesticides and fertilizers is affecting soil fertility. The soil is losing its fertility day by day. Hence the production from the soil is also decreasing day by day. We must celebrate Earth Day by adopting all such activities which save our environment, our water, and forestation. We must take a pledge on earth day to save water save the future, save the environment Save Earth, save forests, save the earth and save the ozone layer save living things on earth. At the last, I may say that our awareness may solve the problems that may be arising in the future.

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