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I have started my journey on water conservation in 2012. This work was taken up while working as Principal in K.V. Mussoorie in 2013. There was an acute problem of drinking water in Mussoorie, therefore this project - Rain Water Harvesting was adopted. There was constructed a 30,000-liter water capacity tank for rainwater harvesting and it was utilized for cleaning of the floor, toilets, watering of plants, etc. There was held pledge for students, parents, and teachers for generating awareness of water conservation. In addition to it, there were programmed water exhibitions, painting exhibitions on water conservation, rallies on water conservation, debates, and essay writing competitions on water conservation. 

The result was very encouraging and there was sufficient water for meeting the needs of more than our 800 students, 11 qtrs, and for all of our school activities. Even, there has been plantation of more than 7000 plants in the nearby hills of Mussoorie. In 2016, I got transferred to K.V. No. 1 Roorkee and I continued the same venture in K.V. No. 1 Roorkee. Here, my school strength is more than 1700. The projects of rainwater harvesting, plantation, pledge to save water, water quizzes, water exhibitions, debates, painting competitions, wall paintings, rallies, collection of A.C. wastewater, and R.O. wastewater were carried on. There was performed a offline pledge in K.V. No. 1 Roorkee, K.V. No. 2 Roorkee, Cantt Board School Roorkee, Govt Inter College Roorkee, St. Ann’s school Roorkee, Chandrashekhar school Roorkee etc. There were administered offline pledges, the ‘Save Water Save Future’ pledge for 12000 students, teachers, and parents approximately. There was built a 50,000-liter capacity rainwater storage tank in K.V. No. 1 Roorkee for recharging of groundwater. There were arranged Water Exhibitions 7 times for motivation of students in offline mode as well as in online mode. I have also used wall painting for motivation and also conducted rallies, painting competitions, debates, essay writing competitions, and other motivational activities on annual basis.

Pledges and quiz competitions organized by Vipin Tyagi related to water conservation topics 

There were acted upon 4 webinars during Covid 19 with NIH Scientists, an online Inter School exhibition during Covid 19, Online quizzes (Thrice), pledge, painting competition (Twice), and plantation activities during Covid 19. Besides these above-mentioned activities of mine, some more contributions undertaken by me are as follows:

  1. Online pledge “Save Water Save Future” with 12747 students, teachers, and parents. (screenshot arranged)
  2. I am running a Facebook group “Inspirational Save Water Save Future group” with 554 direct members and 1461 indirect members. All are working to stimulate awareness to Save Water.
  3. I am also running a Facebook page as “Save Water Save Future” with 260 followers.
  4. I am also running a Facebook page “International Save Environment Save Earth” group with 1050 direct members and 2916 indirect members. All are working to save the environment.
  5. I have planted more than 12000 plants so far with our students on campus, in nearby areas, and at their homes.
  6. My school is a part of Eco-schools in India.
  7. I have also conducted:
    - Green Pledge with 978 students, parents, and teachers
    - Save Water Pledge with 12747 students, parents, and teachers
    - Water Quiz with1008 students, parents, and teachers
    - Ganga Quiz 6 to 8 with 3112 students, parents, and teachers
    - Ganga Quiz 9 to 12 with 4482 students, parents, and teachers
    - Swachchta Pledge with 3117 students, parents, and teachers
    - Say No To Crackers with 468 students, parents, and teachers
    - Say No To Single-Use Of Plastic Pledge with 1360 students, parents, and teachers
    - Poshan Abhiyaan Quiz with 384 students, parents, and teachers
    - World Environment Day Quiz with 2968 students, parents, and teachers
    - Yoga Day Quiz - 410 students, parents, and teachers
  8. We are celebrating World Water Day, Earth Day, World Environment Day on large scale for awareness of water.
  9. My page “जल ही जीवन है” was published in magazine Jal Charcha in Feb 2021 in MOWR, Govt of India.
  10. Our school page “रूड़की केन्द्रीय विद्यालय नं. 1 है जल संरक्षण में भी नं. 1” published in the magazine in Jal Charcha in March 2021 in MOWR, Govt. of India.
  11. I have received Green Leader Award from IDYM in 2021.
Water conservation groups by Vipin Tyagi 

We are also working for water harvesting by collecting water in the water harvesting tank, by constructing small pits around plants, around trees. We have planted more and more plants on the school campus. We are working on the plantation of more and more plants to save the environment. It also helps during raining hence it is useful for the recharge of water resources and water conservation.

Newspaper cuttings of Vipin Tyagi's work

My School has also received Green School Award from KVS in 2018. I am working for fostering awareness to save water through newspapers, pledge, quizzes, and other social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Our aim is to get an online pledge by one lakh students, teachers, and parents in the upcoming year. We will work together as the water is precious and we have to save water for our future survival. Let us join together for our campaign “Save Water Save Future”.

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