While planning for vacations, we often aim to visit the popular and major tourist approved destinations. But do we ever think of the roads less taken? In most cases, we ignore various hidden gems which lie just in front of the eyes. In this article, I will emphasize on heavenly beautiful destination that still less traveled.

The travel destination is the unexplored Mousuni Island hidden in Namkhana district of West Bengal, adjacent to the Sunderban Delta. This is a virgin Island where most travelers’ feet have not left behind their marks on the sand of times. This landmass of this island is rinsed by sea and river waters and it is geographically bounded by sea on three sides. This fresh natural beauty can prove to be your best weekend’s gateway. This travel destination is a perfect amalgamation of sun kissed sandy beach and peaceful atmosphere with shady trees. It also a breath-taking view of a confluence of a river and sea.

Mousuni Island is located towards the bottom part of West Bengal and here you can witness how the land region is slowly disguising itself into laps of the stunning deep blue sea.

Mousuni Island can be a thrilling adventure trip as it offers tent facilities and a night at a virgin beach surrounded by pure nature, sounds of wave, wild cry of animals and birds, lying in a tent beneath the moon will increase the adrenaline rush of many. This place is an amazing blend of nature and solace. The properties of residence are designed keeping in sync the purely natural environment and the property also ensures to put the elements of the mechanized world at bay provided with the basic necessities.

This peaceful travel destination is free from pollution and the visitors can breathe in pure air. Solar power is used as the source of energy in this region.

The “kakramarir chor” point in the Mousuni Island is a heavenly abode for all the bird watchers. The travelers can get ample opportunities for boating and enjoying the sea view as the tents are located within 50 meters from the sea.

A modern proverb is famous these days called “Watch more sunsets than Netflix”, watching Sunset at the beach of Mousuni Island is mesmerizing and more soothing than any Netflix original.

The travelers can relax on a Hammock in Baliara beach and enjoy the riverine landscape of Patibunia.

Mousuni Island offers fishing, and the travelers can relish the mud walk through Mangrove forests to provide food to your adventurous soul. Mousuni Island offers adventurous sports like paragliding, windsurfing, and deep-water diving. There is plethora of local seafood in Mousuni Island to provide a pleasure to taste buds.

This travel destination can be visited throughout the year but due to the proximity of the sea, the summers are highly humid. Monsoon is a bit risky season to visit this palace and camps stay closed during this time. The ideal time to visit Mousuni is between December to Mid April.

This place is one of the less visited places in India, but it offers amazing natural beauties. Fishing is the main profession of the locals and fishermen’s colonies can be found all over the beach. The travelers can explore the fishermen’s life through interaction and exchanging of ideas. Visiting this place will give you fresh feel and the locals a ray of hope. Mousuni can provide purity to soul of its visitors and energy for its locals to fight the battle of survival in a better way.