Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay 

The world we live in was full of love with one’s heart connected, no matter how hard, though it would be but always a true one. Looking to this present moving world love is just a game like. Change it as the couple gets bored. Even for the married couple love doesn't count but money with a successful business. This is how the sweet home becomes the only house we live in. Looking forward to this matter every day only divorce rate increase. Just thinking of a husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend without expressing to each other will not bring a good result. Looking for a love drama and applying to home taking the role of stepmother is horrible. To overcome a real-life challenge is very hard in reality. 

Everyone has their dream but love matters the most. Love from family, friends, and our loved ones who is always holding our hand in our hardship. 

Yes if your boyfriend or girlfriend leaves you when you're in low, poor, and become a loser let it be, let them go. They don't deserve your successful life to enjoy. Taking good care of the one who is always with you is your god made choice. Sometimes be a villain to show off and always be a good hero to your girlfriend. Not like a side star who shines to the wrong person. Choosing a girlfriend is really tough. yeah choosing a boy too because who knows he is good or bad on one or the other side. Love in modern days is like girls looking for rich guys and boys looking for good body shapes to enjoy. Only some hardly get to meet their soulmate in their perfect time.

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