There are many emotional actions in human nature. One of those feelings is "sexuality". Lust is aroused when husband and wife embrace each other in love. Then they experience love by kissing, touching, touching naked, both have intercourse. Kamasutra has been studied in detail in the bibliography since ancient times. This Kama Sutra has been composed so that the love of both husband and wife should be united. There is also a legend of this bibliography. 

The Himalayan king had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Rati. She was very beautiful and her youth was graceful. Describing her youth, she had delicate lips on her pink cheeks, Eyes like the eyes of a deer, nose like a peacock's beak, ears beating like a heartbeat, hair like a veil, milky breasts on a graceful waist, velvety body, and agile gait. One night Rati came to the garden pond to bathe in the moonlight. From the sky. The moon was watching Rati. Rati slowly began to take off her clothes. She let go of her breasts. Leaving the waist-wrapped garment. Rati was completely naked. Her naked face shone brightly in the moonlight. The moon was fascinated by her youth. Rati went down to the pool and started bathing.


Seeing Rati's seductive naked form, Chandra assumed a beautiful form. The moon came side by side naked in front of Rati who was taking a bath. Seeing the moon, Rati covered her breasts with both hands ashamed. Chandra put both hands side by side on Rati's breast. Appreciated her appearance. Chandra gave a close hug. Rati was completely overwhelmed.

The moon showered kisses all over her. Rati was fully aroused. She got her lips responding to this spontaneously. Both came to the bottom edge enjoying the kiss. The moon lay Rati down and the moon slept with a gentle touch all over Rati. Both were eager. The moon moved on Rati's thighs and inserted her genitals inside Rati's vagina. Chandra Rati's work started. A variety of activities were performed. All these works have been narrated by Sage Vatsyayan in his book Kamasutra. Vatsyayan is the disaster of Chandra Rati.

The whole world is told love intercourse...

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