Global warming is such a heating issue. There is a lot of shouting going everywhere from every side. That is why we need to approach this from a neutral perspective. Therefore, we should identify the causes of global warming-

1) The Growing population

2) The growing economy

As we know, humans as a species resist change. It is necessary to assume that these existing trends are going to be in the same direction. For example, a rich coder or businessman sitting in his house or an expensive villa in New York or London will crave for luxury.

So, we need to look out for solutions for existing models. According to my research, there may be many approaches to this problem, as we know part of the reason we exist is because of our unfathomable creative mind, so there would be solutions which I can’t even think of, but these are some of the answers I found exciting and straightforward-

1. We need to make existing energy-consuming devices more efficient.

The above point seems to be a relatively easy one to conceive, but it is a paradox. For example, we have made air travel relatively efficient for the past few years than earlier, reducing its price and less fuel consumption per mile. Instead of reducing carbon emissions, it increased the number of people traveling by air thus increasing carbon emissions more than before. Therefore, we need to make energy-consuming devices more efficient, but we have to approach it cautiously and responsibly.

2. We need to stop using fossil fuels.

We certainly need to stop using fossil fuels, but most people think of them as the ‘Villain.’ And they are, for the most part, responsible for it. For the sake of argument let us assume every country and every human stopped using fossil fuel overnight, including Hongkong and Taiwan. What would happen to those who are already working in the fossil fuel industry? Almost 9.6 million people are involved in the petroleum industry directly in the USA alone, which is even higher for some other nations. What will the family of such individuals eat? This type of situation can lead to an economic crisis and can throw the world into chaos. To counter this problem, we need to slowly phase out using fossil fuels and provide an alternative for those already working in the fossil fuel industry. For these phasing out should be lead by Developed nations and least should be expected of nations such as India or Nigeria. If we sum up the emissions ever produced per capita, developed countries like the USA and the UK top the chart. Developing nations like India and China should be given equal opportunity and time to build their nation and slowly turn away from fossil fuels.

There has been an extensive debate that if we should adopt the old prehistoric ways, and there is certainly nothing wrong with it for people practicing them. As stated in his book “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari, this seems to be a hollow argument. Humans always changed the climate of a place historically wherever in his book, he gives an example of Australia. For a long time, Australia was inhabited when the first prehistoric humans reached there. It consisted of large behemoth animals larger than we can imagine. Still, as the animals were not aware of the idea to avoid humans and save themselves from getting hurt, they all were hunted until they got extinct. Still, this argument also undermines the effect of global warming as we all know the past situations are vastly not even comparable to now. We are in a massive number in population as compared to the past. Indeed, all the decisions should be taken based on facts and involving and considering every human if we need an end to Global Warming. And it requires the collaboration of experts in every industry and in every aspect in a large number. Usually, people assume, “It is a science-related problem,” but it is clearly not. It requires political, social, scientific, and all other kinds of expertise.