Image by succo from Pixabay 

I need peace 
My inner voice cried.
I have been quite disturbed,
Ughh !! No...

Neither someone shouted in my ears, 
nor had a lack of sleep last night.
I need my mental peace,
I have lost it somewhere I really don't remember.
wait !! What? No...
not from yesterday or today,
from last 2 years.

My lil heart is crying
traumatizing my brain
destroying my soul
breaking down on my nerves
tearing the fibres of my ligaments
filling myself with suffocation
scratching my skin
oozing my blood.

I am exhausted
by the people
by the 4 closed walls
by the silent evil buzzing in my ears
by my own expectations
by this life full of aches and pains.

Hey people !!
stabbing my lil heart
gulping down my lil brain
By your harsh words and impertinent voice

What do you get?
Ohh !! Your peace.
Do you need to steal someone's peace to gain yours?

.   .    .