The so called backbone of our nation “agriculture” often fails to take care of it’s producers. As a result of which most of the farmers don’t want their children to do the same job that has resulted in decreased farm lands. But here we are going to see a different story. There was a farmer who had three children 2 boys and 1 girl. They belong to a remote village where the sons of the farmer became the first graduates of the entire surrounding. Once the elder son grew and studied he became the single bread winner of the entire family. Let me say, their family had 6 members. The farmer never knew anything about his children’s studies or if they have enough money or anything that a head of house should know. It was his mother in law who made the elder son study by selling butter milk to each houses. She changed coins and paisas to rupees and currencies that changed the life of the boy. Once he stood on his leg he took care of the younger one and he became a graduate. Even though they had only money to eat three times food the children’s grandma made their life a lavish one. I think the introduction can be stopped here.


Let’s see about the hero of our title. Yes it is the elder son I’m going to talk about. Read it completely, I can assure when you come to the last paragraph you will have some sort of motivation inside your heart. His story clearly explains you the fact that anything can happen in your life if you are ready to strive hard. And also that life will take you up to extreme heights and also to bottom most. Let me give you a short note, I am not giving the elder son any name, so let’s address him as “The man”.


He completed his schooling in his native. And due to his interest in Chemistry he joined an Arts college. But a year after, he discontinued and started to do engineering, which would be the best decision of his life. He made his brother a teacher. They are referred as “Big teacher” and “Small teacher” by their entire native village. Most of the people, even his relatives or elders hesitate to call him by name.


He doesn’t stop his thirst for education after a degree. He completed his UG, his PG and he also completed doctorate. He studied even after marriage which have been possible only because of his better half life partner. In that life also he became an example for many. Everyone who know them took them as an “Ideal couple”. It is also those efforts they took together in building their future a better and sound, that has made them as a look up family in the society. He is now a renowned educational advisor of the entire educational belt he is living in. Anyone can call him to inquire about the courses to be taken after school, college to be joined in or anything related to studies. The contacts he has made is the result of his nature which automatically attracts people towards him. They worked together starting from taking tuition to students, helping project works and so on. And now he has produced number of Ph.Ds. One of the greatest assets he has is the way he treats people, which haven’t changed even a bit right from the day when he had nothing and the day when he is having everything.


Let’s see a little about his family now. They are a small and cute family of four. He became the father of two daughters. One very common phrase of our country is to long for a boy child. But they never felt “it would be nice if it was a boy”. They gave them everything they could to make them a perfect people. They never had any thoughts like girls should be brought up only like this. The mom wanted the girls to explore the world, to be independent, to study well and above all to be a good human in this walk of life. Unlike others they invested in their education rather than ornaments, taught them reality rather than patriarchy, made them learn driving instead of cooking. This doesn’t make them any lesser than others. That is, they have also succeeded as good parents!


When everything goes well, the life misses us so much right! So it needs to give us something or more correctly hit us by something so that we take a turn. After years of struggle when they built everything so greatly, a new idea arises in him to start an educational institution on own, which made their life a complete upside down. The starting years did not show the real harsh face of a business, but after a few years everything turned out to be black. They were financially knocked out. Even then they did not leave each others’ hold. They stood by side and were always there for each other. He is always the ray of hope to his family and never makes them feel any low. Even in worst situations he makes himself calm and does what needs to be done right then. And also in any kind of situations he has never left his family suffer for anything he keeps their life lavish then and now!


The hope he has towards the life and courage to face any sort of problems has made him a role model to many of his peers. Anyone who is discouraged or demotivated in life can regain the power if they talk to him for few minutes.

And yes it is a real story!

I am the daughter of this “FARMER SON”!

.   .   .