This was the place, where I realized what love at first sight is, for the very first time!

I still remember the exact scene; it was a late Wednesday evening in a hot month.

When I was still and staring at the two kids fighting with each other.

You passed me in a fraction of second but that second was enough for me to fall for you.

I did not have even a clue that you would have also noticed me,

But it all happened…

You searched for me in the next days

My heart searched for you in all the crowds I was

Yes! The searches paved it’s way

We met; We spoke; We became friends; We confessed ourselves; We expressed everything that We had in our heart;

Our hearts became one; Our mind started thinking alike; Our actions synced; Our love grew big and big for each other;

We were ready to build our future together; We decided our place of residence; We decided our lives for the next 10-20 years; We decided our long trips, one day outings; We decided our retirement plans; We decided everything that kept us together;

Our peers supported us, made us know how much we were meant for each other; how much we loved each other; their amaze made us realize how good we were as a couple;

Nothing was out of our hands; we had everything in our control

We chose our paths, our careers, the way to achieve, everything went as smoothly as we figured, we did not lose either our relationship or our careers

I don’t even remember a single fight or misunderstanding we had in all these years, all we had was days full of love, competition to show more care, race in being affectionate, urge to succeed in life… and it was all only that

Even if I think harder, I can barely remember very few of our arguments those too healthy arguments just for the sake of goodness of others…

So we don’t even have any reasons to be separated now right?

It’s seven months now… Am I not even worth enough to know the reason for your disappearance?

I can barely see myself in my house, it’s YOU! I could feel in each and every place of the house

Yes home has become house…

The couch reminds me you, where we had a serious discussion on a random rom-com movie

The balcony reminds me you, where we had a really romantic candle-light dinner on the third anniversary of our love… since we don’t like such celebrations it was the first and the last one I saved in my entire life

The shoe stand reminds me you, where I learnt to arrange it in a proper order from you

The picture on the centre of the living room remind me those golden days of my life where we stayed up late nights to study…even studying became an enjoyable part with you in it

Where was the problem then? What happened for you to just abandon me like this?

I think hard to recollect even small things that happened…

Is it because I ordered coffee one day but you asked for tea?

Is it because I forgot to collect a book you asked from the library?

Is it because I made fun of you in that favorite shirt of yours?

Or is it because I refused to pose that weird picture of mine?

To be frank I don’t even know if you are alive or not

I have an important personal work, so I am leaving, see you soon

This was the last thing I heard from you..

I was matured enough to not ask you what it was after you said its your personal…

But you are not generous enough to let me know the reason of my pain

I still visit this place thrice a week just to think about US

I don’t ask you to come again just let me know what was the reason behind all this!

.   .   .