Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay 

Any tiny or great structure on Earth either man-made or natural is based on sizes, dimensions, and calculations of Mathematics. Hexagonal bee combs, spider webs, triangle-shaped mountains, almost everywhere mathematics expresses itself. So not only humans but also nature embraces mathematics immensely.

Right from getting up early to ring an alarm, attending a roll call at school, and getting a scorecard almost every next moment we do simple mathematical calculations at the back of our minds. We cannot even make a good cup of coffee unless we know the correct ratios of ingredients.

Is mathematics just only the study of numbers, shapes, or quantities? or something else?

Well, more than just a subject math is a skill and an inseparable principle that we all use throughout our lives. It's a significant part of human logic and thoughts that give us effective ways to create mental discipline and logical reasoning.

Mathematics is the basis of every subject like science, history, economics, and even music, art, and literature.

Literature might seem irrelevant to math, but mastering basic arithmetic can help students to understand poetry better. The meter of poetry, the number of words, stressed syllables, etc.

In short, a good understanding of math helps us understand other subjects.

A study done by Dr. Tanya Evans at Stanford University proved that the students who solve math problems in their daily life have higher logical skills than those students who don’t solve the problems.

Most importantly, Mathematics offers a series of career opportunities for students. Be it an engineer or an accountant or an administrative officer, a Data scientist, or a financial analyst, every profession relies on mathematical principles to perform its basic work and every business needs math to avoid losses and failures.

Math is so useful in Designing better weather forecasts and climate models, Making the most of renewable energy sources, preparing humans for climate change, Developing new technologies, and many other discoveries.

Can Mathematics save the future of our planet? This was the question put to experts during a panel discussion and the answer was "yes". Mathematicians are doing their bit to save the planet from early destruction.

Mathematics has become an indispensable tool for the progress of our present-day world. In short, the lack of mathematical competence keeps the door of rapid progress closed. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that MATHEMATICS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT of all and thus rules our daily life with its endless applications here, there, and everywhere.

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